$mall Change

Thursdays 3PM-6PM
Playlist for Sept 9, 1999
"Computer's Off!" or "I Got Good Religion (at Burning Man)"
w/ my own damn self...

Kool Keith "Intro" *Black Elvis* Ruffhouse
Badawi "Tired Soldiers" *The Heretic of Ether* Asphodel
We "Lulla" *Land of Baboon* Baraka
Allied Radio "Lesson 10" *The International Morse Code* Allied Radio Corp.
Hans-Joachim "Prinzregent" *Roedelius Selbstportrait* Sky
Beat Junkies "Introduction to Blackjack" *Gamblin' Pete's Million Dollar Blackjack Breaks* ?
The Heath Brothers "Smiling Billy" *Texas Twister Comp* ?
Prince Far-I and the Arabs "Destruction Sound Battle" *Cry Tuff Dub Encounter, Chapter IV* Trojan
De La Soul "Transmitting Live From Mars" *Three Feet High and Rising* Tommy Boy
The Camarata Contemporary Orchestra featuring the Moog Synthesizer "Les
Trois Valses Distinquees Du Precieux Degoute" *The Electronic Spirit of Erik Satie* Deram
Richard de Bordeaux and Daniel Beretta "La Drogue" *Get Easy Vol. 3* Motor
The Seekers "Georgie Girl" Capitol
Public Enemy "Do You Wanna Go Our Way" Atomic Pop
101 Strings "Flameout" *Astro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000* Scamp
Moving Fusion "The Beginning" *The Beginning EP* Ram
Red One "Strangled Duck (Origin Unknown Remix)" *Andriod E.P.* Lifting Spirits
Jeru the Damaja "Come Clean" Payday
Real Live "Real Live Shit" Big Beat
Godfather Don "Who Is He?" Hydra
Colby the Robot "Praise the Lord From the Heavens" *Make a Joyful Noise* Maranatha Music
Butthole Surfers "Sweet Loaf" *Locust Abortion Technician* Touch and Go
Bingo Gazingo "Everyday I Leave Ten Dollars On The Table" *Bingo Gazingo* WFMU
John C Reilly and Mark Walberb "Feel the Heat" *Boogie Nights Soundtrack* Capitol
Divine Styler "Ain't Sayin' Nothin'" *Word Power* Epic
Louie Rankin "No Move" *NYC Badmen* Sony
Mad Lion "Shoot To Kill" Weeded
The Innocent Crew "Impossible Train Remix" Rag Town
Sizzla "Oh Children" Royal Son of Ethiopia *Greensleeves*
Wild Honey Singers "Jailhouse Rock" *A Child's Introduction to Elvis Presley* Kids Stuff
The Milkshakes "Bill's Beat (Instrumental)" *The Knights of Trashe* Hangman's Daughter
Redskins "You Want It? They Got It!" Decca
B.T. Express "You Got It-I Want It" *Non-Stop* Roadshow
Judi Sheppard Missett "Medium Cardio-Vascular (Rockford Files)" *Jazzercise* MCA
Kraftwerk "Boing Boom Tschak" *Electric Cafe* WB
Ming and FS "Electro-Space Modulator" Om
Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder "Frau Blucher" *Young Frankenstein* ABC
Peter Waldron/Gershon Kingsley "Ghostly Sounds" *Ghostly Sounds* Peter Pan
Zamfir "White Christmas" *Christmas with Zamfir* Mercury
Lalo Schifrin "O Menino Desce O Morro" *Bossa Nova* AF
Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era "Peace and Loveism (4 Hero Remix)" Suburban Base
The Selecter "On My Radio" *Too Much Pressure* 2-Tone
Basement Jaxx "Same Old Show"
Basement Jaxx "Jumpin' Shout" Attic Trax
The Idjut Boys and Quakerman "Radio Rage" *Life: The Shoeing Your Deserve* Glasgow Underground
Mongo Santamaria "Columbia" *Drums and Chants* Vaya
Quilapayun "Tio Caiman" *El Pueblo Unido* Monitor
Joe Lee Wilson "Return of the Prodigal Son" *Without a Song* Inner City
Five Blind Boys of Alabama "There's Got To Be A Change Made" *Swing Low, Sweet Chariot* Jewel
Mississippi Fred McDowell "I'm So Glad I Got Good Religion" *Amazing Grace* Testament
Colby the Robot "Happy Are the Children of the Lord" *Make a Joyful Noise* Maranatha Music
Perry and Kingsley "Winchester Cathedral" *Kaledoscopic Vibration* Vanguard
The Esteem Team "People" *We're Kids* Esteem Team
Remi Gassman "Music for the Ballet: Electronics" *Gassman/Sala* Westminister Gold
Squarepusher "Shin Triad (Wagon Christ Mix)" *Squarepusher Presents Maximum Priest EP* Warp
Freddie Hubbard "Arietis" *Ready For Freddie* Blue Note
Various "Loops Again" Seratonin

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