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Playlist for Aug 5, 1999
"Blank Expression"
w/ guest DJ Sheldon Drake

Annette Funicello and Fishbone "Jamaican Ska" Back to the Beach
The Coventry Automatics aka the Specials "Blank Expression" Dawning of a New Era
Bob and Dean "The Beat Generation" Las Vegas Grind Vol. 3
The Skatalites "A Shot In the Dark" Scattered Lights
The Hollywood Persuaders "Drums Au-Go-Go" Swing for a Crime
Desired State "Goes Around" Ram
Randall and Andy C "Sound Control" Ram
Peshay "Retro" Miles From Home
Funkadelic "Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow" Free Your Mind...
Freddie King "Funky" Freddie King Is A Blues Master
The Fuschnickens "True Fuschnicken" Jive
Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rudd "I Gotta Good Thing" DNA
Prince Paul "Steady Slobbin'" A Prince Among Thieves
Tommy Boy
Beatnuts "Watch Out Now" Relativity
Diamond the the Psychotic Neurotics "Best Kept Secret" PWL
Biz Marke "Nobody Beats the Biz (Dub)" Prism
Eric B. feat. Rakim "Eric B. For President (Dub)" 4th n' B'way
Half Pint "Greetings" Greetings From...
Sonic Sounds
Sizzla "Break Free" Royal Son of Ethiopia
Sean Paul "Faded" Ragga Ragga Ragga 13
Yellowman "Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt" Total Recall 3
Dave Barker "Hot Sauce" "Solid Gold" from the vaults of Muzik City
Brian Auger and Trinity "Definitely What!..." Definitely What!...
Shirley Scott "Hip Twist" Hip Twist
Pacheco "Lazy Flute" Latin Piper
Lowell Fulsom "Hush oh Hush" Rural Blues, Vol. 3
T-Power "Postcards From Pluto" Waveform
Radiowaves "Radiowaves 4" Chill Out or Die
Rising High
Antillio "Art" Minio "?" Sounds From Outer Space
Wah Wah Records
Sylvester "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" Step II

set by DJ Sheldon Drake
This is my best guess, many of these 12's have almost nothing written on them
Endkeg "More Urban Music for the Middle of Nowhere" Majora
Third Eye Foundation "Amp, Eternity" In Version Linda's Strange Vacation Records
DJ Olive (various) Tools record, to be released by Liquid Sky
M.C.Sultan "Der Bauch" 10KG007 (?)
Badawi from *Heretic of Ether* Asphodel
"Ray Pilgrim It's Not Unusual 
Funky Porcini "Teenage Hardon" Rocket Soul EP Ninja Tune
Technical Itch "Arced" LED/Arced 12" Moving Shadow
J.K. Randall "Monologues for a Mass Murderer" Nonesuch
Kinky Music Institute "Macronympha" RRR Records
Richard Kostelanetz "Invocations" Folkways
Plaid "Prague Radio" (maybe) *Not For Threes* WARP
Surgeon "Force+Form Remakes" Tresor (#116)
Twisted Fusion "Harmonic" Cold Fusion EP Leaf
*Superlongevity* Compilation/double 12" Perlon (Pile: Worldrecordholder (?))
Size Queen "K-Hole" Twisted
Coil vs. Elph *Worship the Glitch* double 10" Sidereal

Urban Bushmen "Schematique" Hexagonal
Pink Floyd "Blue Sky" *The Wall* Columbia
yamaoka "tightrope EP" Kaz 08
Orquestra de Cuatros de Puerto Rico "Lamento Campesino" Ansonia
Drive-In Records 01B (no other info, buy everything on this label)
Henrik B "Bullet in the Bed" 12" Corb
Decal "Endgame" 12" Leaf
The Advent "Motor" EP Kombination Research
Pan American "Quarry" 10" K-RAA-K kraak@sky.net.be
Petro Lunar "Franco" Rakumin records rakumin@mindspring.com

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