$mall Change

Thursdays 3PM-6PM
Playlist for July 22, 1999
"Cool Jerk 1000"
with special guest Ursula 1000 (Eighteenth Street Lounge)

Lyn Collins "Mama Feelgood" Black Caesar Soundtrack
King Midas and the Muflers "Tramp" Hot Pants
Soul Patrol
Ramano Rizzati "Shake No. 5/B" Suono Libero
La Douce
Les Baxter "Wheels" Hell's Bells
The Creation "Cool Jerk" The Complete Collection
JTQ "2001 Theme" Absolute: JTQ Live
Big Life
Bugaloo Joe Jones "Light My Fire" Psychedelic Soul Jazz Guitar
Albert King, Pop Staples and Steve Cropper "Opus De Soul" Jammed Together
Public Enemy "Give It Up" Def Jam
Public Enemy "Shut 'Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)" Def Jam
Public Enemy "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" Def Jam
Public Enemy "Rebel Without a Pause" Def Jam
Public Enemy "Fight the Power" Motown
Public Enemy "911 is a Joke" Def Jam
Tung Twista "Ratatattat" Loud
Mantronix "K.O.T.B." Oxygen
Mr. Velcro Fastener "Real Robots" Lucky Bastards Living Up North
220 Music
Lassigue Bendthaus "Ashes to Ashes" Pop Artificielle
Whirlpool Productions "From: Disco To: Disco (Les Rhythms Digitals Remix)" Sum
Basement Jaxx "Red Alert (Steve Gurley Mix)" XL
Autechre "Cichlisuite" Warp
Click and Cycle "125th St." Emotif
Roni Size "Sounds Fresh" Mercury
Funk Inc. "Funky Feel Good" Renegade
The Meters "Look Ka Py Py" Anthology
Hugh Masekela "Languta (played offset) Blue Thumb
Joe Gibbs and the Professionals "Laba Mouth" Gibbs
Common and the 45 King "Car Horn (Instrumental)" Groove Attack
Dreamies "Program 11" An Incredible Mental Experience
Stone Theatre
Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Lillian Briggs "I Hear Voices" Coronet
Marion Brown "And Then They Danced" Wildflowers 2
DJ Wally "?" Flav-o-pac: Memeograph I
Mindless Self Indulgence "Molly (Madgroove Remix)" Madgroove Remixes

set by Ursula 1000 (Eighteenth Street Lounge)
Ursula 1000 "Hip Length" ESL
Corduroy "Moshi Moshi" Big Cat
Skeewiff "G Fonk" FSUK
PPO "Itchy Feet" Acid Jazz
Bronx Dogs "Mixed Blood" Marble Bar
Kings of the Wild Frontier "Trans Am" Dust2Dust
Tim Lee "Super rappin 5" Peace Feast
Mint Royale "RocknRoll Bar" Faith n Hope
Space Raiders "Fly New Pumps" Skint
Dimitri from Paris "Dim's Zulu BBoy Jam" Yellow
Scammers "Sallys Walk" Narcotix
Bobby Hughes Exp "Sahara 72" Ultimate Dilemma
Mo Horizons "Fever 99" Stereo Deluxe
Nick Faber "Let Me Hear You.." Marble Bar
El Gringo Loco "Watchuwanna" Finger Lickin
FirstBorn "Mood Club/Spectre mix" Independiente
Ursula 1000 "Mr Hrundi's Holiday/Karminsky mix" ESL

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