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Playlist for May 27, 1999
"Hell's Kitchenette"
featuring Ming and FS (Om Records, Hell's Kitchen NYC)

Spoonie Gee "Spoonie is Back"
Eddie Harris "It's Alright Now" That Is Why You're Overweight
Black Heat "No Time To Burn" No Time To Burn
Jimmy Witherspoon "Thoughts of Home" Hunh!
Whistle "(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin'" Whistle
Tilt "Arcade Funk"
Sir Mix-A-Lot "Square Dance Rap" East Coast Vs. West Coast
The Freestylers feat. Tenor Fly "B-Boy Stance" Dope on Plastic 5
Shinehead "Hello Y'all"
Decoder "Sub Osc"
Stakka and K. Tee "Andromeda"
? "?"
Dr. Israel "The Doctor Vs. the Wizard" Inna City Pressure
Mutant Sound System
Black Sabbath "Paranoid" Greatest Hits
Beastie Boys "Gratitude" Check Your Head
Grand Royal
Guru Guru "Electric Junk" Hinten
Think Progressive
Jimmy Lyons "Other Afternoons" Other Afternoons
Cannonball Adderley "Suite Canyon" Pyramid
Ray Baretto "Guajiro Y Tambo" Charanga Moderna
Tico All Stars "Guijiro Controversial" Descargas
Dr. Dooom "Welfare Love" First Come First Served
Funky Ass
Apache "Gangster Bitch"
Spotlight on The Sound of Funk series... .
The Village Callers "Hector" The Sound of Funk Vol. 1
Goldmine Soul Supply
Landlord and the Tennants "Sagitarius (Part I)" The Sound of Funk Vol. 8
Goldmine Soul Supply
The Explosions "Hip Drop" The Sound of Funk Vol. 3
Goldmine Soul Supply
John Cameron and the Camerons "Funky John" The Sound of Funk Vol. 6
Goldmine Soul Supply
Gaturs "Gator Bait" The Sound of Funk Vol. 1
Goldmine Soul Supply
Nickel and Dime Radio welcomes Om recording artists
Ming and FS (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)
Set by FS
Olatunji Drums of Passion*
Acen "116.7"
Ming and FS feat. TC Izlam "Hijack the Disco" EP
Ernie and Bert "The Listening Game" Having Fun with...
Boogie Down Productions "The Bridge is Over"
Scientist 212 "Vibration"
The Roots "Proceed"
Ming and FS B-boy Barmitzvah Breaks 
Ming and FS "Manhattan Bound" Deeper Concentration
Ming and FS "Brain Dead Amplifier"
The Beatles "Love Me Do"
Tangerine Dream "Rubycon Pt. 2"
Set by Ming
The Beatles "Within You Without You"
Optical "To Shape the Future"
Ming and FS "Face Down Part II"
? "Kicking Underground Sound"
Tribe of Issacar "Junglist"
Kingsize "Never Stop"
and selections from the forthcoming Om release Hell's Kitchen;
Ming and FS Hell's Kitchen 
Ming and FS feat. M'Stro Manny King's County 
Ming and FS Rock Higher 
Ming and FS feat. BLESTeNATION U NI Son 

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