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Playlist for December 5, 2001
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"D.I.Y. inc."
 especial innterview with the Kings Mob Collective
("Threat"--the film)

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Playlist Key: Artist -  "Song Title"  - Album (if not a single) - label

$mall Change hits the gas...

Swamp Dogg  "Swamprapp One/God Bless America For What" *Uncut and Classified 1A* Charly RnB
IBM presents Scrooge  "I Hate People"  *IBM presents Scrooge* Fragile
Boyd Rice  "People"  *The Way I Feel*
Caciocavallo V/VM with Lion El Glitchie  "All Night Long (All Night)"  ** Butcher

Innnterview w/ Kings Mob cru...

back to ze k-aus...

Evolution Control Committee  "Rocked By Rape"  **Eerie Materials
7-11  "Dance The Slurp"  *V/A: New York Record
Covention Breaks, Vol. 1* Crate Criminal
Perez Prado  "Rockambo #4" *Rock-Ambo* RCA Victor
The Nite Cats  "Jungle"  *Jungle Exotica, Vol. 2* Strip
??  "?"  *Cambodian Rocks* Parallel World
Pedro Paulo  "Domingo Tem Maracana"  *Explosao Do Samba* Cid
Cutty Ranks  "Looney"  *V/A: Latino/Boasy Gal* Greensleeves Rhythm Album #6
Beenie Man "Ring Pon Finga" *V/A: Latino/Boasy Gal* Greensleeves Rhythm Album #6
Elephant Man and Beenie Man  "Mama"  *V/A: Latino/Boasy Gal* Greensleeves Rhythm Album #6
Beenie Man  "Crazy"  ** white
Bounty Killa feat. Nate Dogg  "?"  ** Bad Man Remixes
Gangstarr  "Just To Get A Rep (Madlib Remix)" *Madlib Remixes* No Label Records and 8-track tapes
Mr. Lif  "Pulse Cannon"  *Enters The Colossus* Ozone
Cannibul Ox  "Iron Galaxy"  ** Def Jux
Micronots  "Culture"  ** Subverse Music
Wu-Tang Clan feat. Junior Reid  "One Blood Under W"  *The W* Loud
Method Man feat. Mary J. Blidge  "I'll Be There For Me (Puff Daddy Remix)"  ** Def Jam
Tribe of Issachar  "Wardance"  ** Congo Natty
Johnny L  "I Want You"  ** XL

the 15min jazz break...

The Dave Bailey Sextet  "Blues For J.P."  *Gettin' Into Something* Epic Jazz Series
Groove Chronicles LTD  "Rawkus (Re-Edit)" *V/A: Blackmarket Presents 2-Step Vol. 2*  Azuli Record
Second Protocol  "Basslick" *V/A: Blackmarket Presents 2-Step Vol. 2*  Azuli Record
Peaches  "Suck and Let Go" *Peaches* Kitty-Yo
Detroit Grand Pu Bahs  "Sandwiches"  ** Throw/Jive Electro
Hashim  "Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) (Remix)"  *Cutting Remixes* Cutting
Orbital  "Nothing Left (Les Rhythms Digitales Remix)"  ** FFRR

The sci-fi section...

The Hitchhikers Guide... "Journey to the Sorcerer/Story So Far"  *Restaurant At The End... * Hannibul
The Story of Star Wars  "Part 1 (excerpt)"  *The Story of Star Wars* 20th Century Fox
Supagenius  "Galactic Crisis"  *Star Wars Breakbeats* Suckadelic
Clockwork Voodoo Freaks  "Return Of The Hot Cross Nuns"  *Ultimate Cakes and Sweets* Wild Bitch
Concrete Puppy  "The Great Raspberry Rip-Off" *Ultimate Cakes and Sweets* Wild Bitch

shoutout to cosmic cowpoke

The Training of a US Marine  "Parris Island, Pt. 1" ** Documentary Records

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