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Playlist for October 24, 2000
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"I Can't Believe You Have a Friggin' Post
Junior and the Soulettes 45"
special guest Dave from Tipsy (Asphodel) with the
retarded jointz...

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Playlist Key: Artist -  "Song Title"  - Album (if not a single) - label

$¢'s kickin' it offff...

 Tipsy  "Grossenhosen (We Remix)"  ** Asphodel
 David Newman  "Missy"  *The Weapon* Atlantic
 Larry Young  "Alive"  *Lawerence of Newark* Perception
 Breakestra  "Getcha Soul Together"  *The Funky Precedent* No Mayo
 Breakestra  "Live Mix Tape Part II"  ** Stones Throw
 Breakestra  "Sexy Popcorn Pot" ** Stones Throw
 Trinidad Steel Orchestra  "Cissy Strut"  *Funk International* Vinyl Dogs
 Bumps Jackson  "Funky In Jamaica"  ** Pure
 Dub Specialist  "Granny Scratch Scratch"  *Roots Dub* Studio 1
 Bill Withers  "Better Off Dead"  *Just As I Am* Sussex
 Double Dee and Steinski  "The Motorcade Sped On"  **white
 Automator  "A Better Tomorrow"  *A Better Tomorrow* 75 Ark
 Howie B  "Take Your Partner By The Hand (Wagon Christ Remix)"  ** Polydor
 Blowfly  "Blowfly's Rapp"  *Blowfly's Party* Weird World
 V/VM with Loin El Glitchie  "All Night Long (All Night)"  ** Test
 Plunderphonic  "Dab (Michael Jackson)" *Plunderphonic* white

Set by Dave of Tipsy fame...
(out of order - 100% vinyl)

 John & Ernest   "Super Fly Meets Shaft Part 2" Rainy Wednesday
 Sacred Knives Of Vengeance radio spot    Warner Bros
 Leon Gardner    "Who Are You"     Igloo
 Michel Legrand  "Brazil"    *Legrand In Rio*  Columbia
 Dora Hall    "Dr. Sniffleswiper"     Cozy
 Klaus Wunderlich  "In The Summertime/Calvados"  *Die Stereo Tanz Diskothek Nr.4*   Bunte
 101 Strings "Ironside (Theme)"  *TV Themes*   Alshire
 Jr Moore's   "Diso Mama"     HMM Jr.
 The Stylers  "(chinese title)"  *Living Stereo Vol 3* Style (Singapore)
 Pennywhistles   "Soho (promos)"   Thom McAn
 The Fourth Way  "The Far Side Of Your Moon"    Soul City
 The Garden Of Eden  "Flower Man"    Verve
 Bill Plummer "Journey To The East"   Impulse
 Ataraxia "Seance"   *The Unexplained*    RCA
 Frogs radio spot    AIP
 Mingo 2000  "Women Of The World "   Mable
 Peter Roberts/Sid Ramin  "The Ho-Ho Rock And Roll"  Thunderbird
 Tipsy  "Hard Petting (two versions-wrong speed-under mini-interview)"   Asphodel
 Danny Hutton  "Monster Shindig"   HBR
 The Wolfman    "Strange"   Okeh
 Ssssss radio spot   Universal Pictures
 B. Bumble and the Stingers   "Nautilus"   Rendesvous
 Ronnie David   "Island Girl"  Reth
 Baby Jane Holzer   "Nowhere"   ATCO
 The Stylers "(chinese title)"  *1973*  Life (Singapore)
 The Mother Hood "Back In The Grass"   ua
 Tipsy  "XXXmas"  Asphodel

back to the $¢...

Brer Soul w/ Earth Wind and Fire "Hoppin' John" *Sweet Sweetback's Bad Ass Song* Stax
Ganja Cru feat. DJ Daddy  "This World"  *New Frontiers* Tru-Playaz
Cutting Edge  "Subculture Soundsystem"  *21st Century Ska* Metrobeat
Simaryp  "Skinhead Girl"  *Skinhead Moonstomp* Trojan
Curtis Mayfield  "(Don't Worry) If There's Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go" *Curtis* Curtom
King Horror  "Loch Ness Monster"  *Wavy Gravy* white
Bobby (Boris) Pickett  "Monster Rap"  ** Easy Street
L.A. Dream Team  "The Dream Team Is In The House" *Kings Of The West Coast* MCA
Armand Van Heldon  "Resovoir Dogs"  ** FFRR
Run DMC  "Beats To The Rhyme"  ** Profile
Doo Wop and The Bounce Squad  "interlude" ** Noo Trybe
Steinski's Intro  "The Xen to One Ratio"  *Xen Cuts* Ninja Tune
The Motion Sickness Majorettes  "track 8"  *Audio Perverts* Big Improvement
Quintron  "White Man Style"  *Unmasked Organ Light Year of Infinity Man* Bulb
Rufus Harley  "Malika"  *Evolution* Luv n' Haight

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