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Playlist for Sept 12, 2000
"Bloodclot and Fire-Burnin' man"
with special guest reggae legend Cornell Campbell plus Jules onna post-Burnin' Man recollection...

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Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Wareika" Dub Voyage
M Records
Sound Dimesion "Starring Dub" Dub Specialist
Studio One
Cornell Campbell "The Sun" Natty Dread In A Greenwich Farm
Total Sounds
David Axelrod "Warning: Part 1" An Anthology
Dave Boyer "Boardwalk" So Long, Joey
Cut Chemist and Miles "S.N.T. (Live At The Peace Pipe)" The Funky Precedent
No Mayo

Burnin' Man especial...
Live set of Miles @ Plug 4, Saturday, night of the burn, 4:30am
Burning Man Radio excerpt One: Circe Jerkin' on the Playa
Conversation with Jules aka Shakey
Electric sounds and burning digiridoos courtesy of MEGAVOLT
Mo' talkin' with Jules
back to ze program...

Wild Style "Wild Style Theme" The Original Wild Style Breakbeats Record
unknown high school band "Scorpio" Schoolhouse Funk
Dimension 70
Ursula 1000 "The Shake" ESL
Johnny Clarke "Every Knee Shall Bow (King Tubby's King Mix)" Zion Rock

Cornell Campbell in the hizhouse!...

Cornell Campbell "Natty Dread In A Greenwich Town" Blood and Fire
Cornell Campbell "Queen Of The Minstrel" Studio One
Cornell Campbell "Boxing" Joe Gibbs
Cornell Campbell "Rope Right In" Joe Gibbs
Cornell Campbell "No Man's Land" Joe Gibbs
Cornell Campbell "No Man's Land" Studio One
Cornell Campbell "Bandulu" Blood and Fire

Inner Circle "We 'A' Rockers" Rockers
Major Force/DJ Kuku "Winchester House" Ape Man
Beastie Boys "Get It Together (ABA Remix)" Grand Royal
Eugene McDaniels "Headless Heroes" Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse
Sugarman 3 "Soul Donkey" Soul Donkey
The Johnny Otis Show "Cuttin' Up" Cuttin' Up
The Johnny Otis Show "Sittin' Here All Alone" Cold Shot!
Albert King "Playin' On Me" I Wanna Get Funky
Paul Howard/Ralph Willis "Since I Seen Your Smiling Face" Faded Picture Blues
Lalo Schifrin "Broken Mirrors" Enter The Dragon
Rudy Ray More "The Jive Jungle" Dolemite
Generation International
Dennis Coffey "Sodomy" Hair and Thangs
B.I.G. "Dreams (beat)" boot
? "Rising To The Top" boot
Mary Jane Girls "All Night Long" boot
Brick "Dazz" Disco Fire
Dana Dane "Cinderfella Dana Dane" Profile
Dana Dane "Delancy Street" Profile
Mr. Freeze and the Homewreckers feat. Grand Puba "Oh,Suzanna" Radical Records
Nervous Norvus "Transfusion" Ace
T. Valentine "Hello Lucille...Are You A Lesbian?" Hello Lucille...Are You A Lesbian?

Burnin' Man radio excerpt Two: UK psycho talk show guy...

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