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Playlist for Aug 22,2000
"New Jersey Fuckin' Soul" 8/22/00 $. Change on the solo...

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Junior Parker "Tax Man" The Outside Man
Charles Brown "Black Nite" Drifting Blues
Lowell Fulsom "Black Nights" Soul
Freddy Robinson "Bluesology" At The Drive In
Ike Turner presents: The Family Vibes "Garbage Man" UA
Ike Turner's King of Rhythm "Rock-A-Bucket" I'm Torn Up
Red Lightning
Little Ester "Taint What Ya Say" Rock And Roll Party
Roland Alphoso "Rollie Pollie" Something Special: Ska Hotshots
Andy and Joey "You're Wondering Now" History of Ska
Studio One
Tom Sharpling "Rock Rot and Rule (excerpt)" Rock Rot and Rule
Stereo Laffs
Jackie Mittoo "Get Up and Get It" The Keyboard King Of Studio One
Soul Jazz
The Buena Vistas "Kick Back" V/A: Superfunk
Ray Barretto "New York Soul" Hard Hands
Steady B. "Serious (Ceereous BDP Remix)" Jive
Master Ace "Go Where I Send Thee" Cold Chillin'
Masters Of Ceremony "Cracked Out" Strong City
World Class Wreckin' Cru "Surgury" Hit Hip Hop On Hot Vinyl mixed by Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg "The Next Episode" Aftermath
Missing Linx "M.I.A." V/A: Laid In Full
MC Lyte "I Cram To Understand U" First Priority Music
T La Rock "It's Yours" Def Jam (number 1!)
T La Rock "Breakin' Bells (U.K. Radio Version)" Fresh
Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock "It Takes Two (Derek B. UK Remix)" BCM/Profile
Divine Styler "Unseen Letter" Wordpower 2: Directrix
Kool Keith "I Don't Belive You" Matthew
Funky Ass
Supagenious "Ne Jabba No Badda" Star Wars Breakbeats
Montefiori Cocktail "Theme From Star Wars (Speghetti
Western Version)" Raccolta N.2
Irma/La Douce
People Like Us "Caciocavallo" Thermos Explorer
Hot Air
Presage "The Secret Society" Outer Perimeter
The Future Primitive Sound
Add N to (X) "Buckminster Fuller" V/A: More Music, Less Parking
Mickey Wild and the Magic Laterns "I Was a Punk B4
You Were A Punk" I Was a Punk B4 You Were A Punk
The Locust "Bastard Noise (Kid 606 Remix)" GSL
Painkiller "Parish of Tama (Ossuary Dub)" Execution Ground
Maurice McIntyre "Life Force" Humility In The Light Of Creator
Saul Williams "Elohim" Big Dada
Saul Williams "La La La" ?
Ozone (forthcoming)
Augustus Pablo "Bass and Drum Version" The Great Pablo
Music Club
Heretic feat. Top Cat "Burn The Sensi" Rudebwoy Plastic
DJ Nut Nut feat. Top Cat and Frankie Paul "Bloodclart Hour" Hard Step
Bloodclot Gangsta Youth (DJ Scud) "Kill Or Be Killed" Full Watts
Lion Man "Wheel Up" Intalektive
Coldcut feat. Junior Reid, Root and Sugarfree "Stop
This Crazy Thing (Version Excursion)" Tommy Boy
DJ Cam "Ganja Man" Loa Project (Vol II)

spotlight on Nu-Groove

Bobby Konders "Dub Massal Style" Bobby Konders' House Rhythms
Nu Groove
Frankie Bones and Lenny Dee "Is Rhythm Rhythm?" Looney Tunes II
Nu Groove
Frankie Bones and Lenny Dee "They Stole Our Break (Boyee) (Dub Mix)" Looney Tunes I
Nu Groove
You Know Who "I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up" 3 Whack Tracks
Nu Groove
Frankie Bones and Lenny Dee "Halfway To Seven (Led Plant Mix)" Looney Tunes I
Nu Groove

Legendary Stardust Cowboy "Paralysed" V/A: Rockabilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease
Big Beat
Eddie Cochran "Mr. Fiddle" The Eddie Cochran Legend
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys "Bring It On Down To My House" The Golden Era
Cisco "The Thong Song (Follow the Thong Remix)" white
Departure Lounge "Departure Lounge #2" V/A: Sound Design Vol. 1 mixed by Marques Wyatt
Lawrence "Gilbert" V/A: Kompakt 2
Nurse with Wound "(I Don't Want To Have) Easy Listening Nightmares)" United Diaries
Mike Nock "Space Bugaloo" V/A: Between or Beyond The Black Forest
MPS/Crippled Dick Hot Wax

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