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Playlist for Aug 15, 2000
"Fuxy Lady/Time Is The Fire"
Chizzange on the solo...

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Evolution Control Committee "Rocked By Rape" Eerie Materials
Gil Evans Orchestra "Foxy Lady" Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix
Spinal Tap "Stonehenge" The Black Album
Korova "Der Welt" Fucked
no label
? "Schlitz Beer Ad" Music To Drink Beer By
Salty Dog
Spanky Wilson "Sunshine Of Your Love" V/A: Mystic Brew
Fat City
Pete Rodriguez "Micaela" Lo Mejor De...
Vince Guaraldi "Linus and Lucy" Oh Good Grief!
Warner Bros.
Da Lata "Tregua" Songs From The Tin
Palm Pictures
James Brown "Lowdown Popcorn (Steevee Weevie's
Trytophan Mix)" Nighty Night
Zambonia (forthcoming) Jorge Velez "?"
? "Keep Cool Babylon" Churchilcal Chants Of The Nyabingi
Churchichal Chants
Tony Allen "Progress" Progress

Sister Nancy/Lee Van Cleef "One, Two" A Dee-Jay Explosion
Sound Dimension "Dub It Easy" Dub Specialist
Heartbeat/Studio 1
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Depth Charge" Dub Voyage
M Records
Bobbi Humprey "Nubian Lady" Dig This!
Blue Note
De La Soul feat. Maceo Parker "I Be Blowin'" Bulhoon Mindstate
Tommy Boy
De La Soul feat. Common "The Bizness" Stakes Is High
Tommy Boy
De La Soul "Transmitting Live From Mars" Three Feet High and Rising
Tommy Boy
De La Soul "Rap De Rap Show" De La Soul Is Dead
Tommy Boy
De La Soul feat. Redman "Oooh" Art Official Intelligence
Tommy Boy
De La Soul feat. Indeed "" Art Official Intelligence
Tommy Boy
Saul Williams "Robeson" ?
Ozone (forthcoming)
Don Cherry "Complete Communion: Golden Heart" Complete Communion
Blue Note
Marlena Shaw "Woman Of The Ghetto" The Spice Of Life
Tony Allen "Afro-Disco Beat" Progress

Def Con One "Time Is The Fire" Mac II
J. Majik "Smokin' Bluntz" The Jigsaw EP
DJ Hype "Peace, Love, and Unity" True Playaz
? "?" Kartoons 4
T.I.C. "Far Gone" 2nd Movement
We "Back_And_Forth" Square Root of -1
Krust "Warhead" V Classics Box
V Records
Wargames Soundtrack "Launch Detection" Wargames
Philip Frazer "Only Jah Jah Know" Impact

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