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Playlist for July 11, 2000
"Live Humans/Let It Shine"

featuring Baba (Velour Music, Meta Bass and Breath) w/ Full Friggin' Band:
Wuba Mac (Bernie Worrel) on Drums, Jordan (Anti-Balas, Droid) Trumpet, Moosaka (Sound Thoughts) Turntables, Afra as Tungtablist, Matt on Bass...

Hear this show!
$¢ starts it off...

James Brown "Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing (Rock Version)" James Brown's Funky People Vol. 3
Euguene McDaniels "Headless Heroes" Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse
Guru feat. MC Solaar "Le Bien, Le Mal" Jazzmatazz
Bahamadia "Word Play" Payday Bahamadia "Special Forces"
Runaways feat. Master Ace "Express Delivery" Progress
Threesixty Records
Cali Agents "Crash the Boards" How The West Was Won
Ground Control
Slum Village "Untitled/Fantastic" Fantastic, Vol. 2
Quasimoto "Astro Travelin" The Unseen
Stones Throw
Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra "?" Strange Strings
El Saturn/Thoth
Dead Prez "Be Healthy" Lets Get Free
Ornette Coleman "Native Americans" Skies of America
Sonny Simmons w/ Michael White "Purple Rays" Mahattan Egos
Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud "Bombay Palace Parts 1 and 2" V/A: Some Other Kind of Meat
Baba feat. DJ Logic "Beatbox Logic" Velour
Rashied Ali and Frank Lowe "Exchange Part 1" Due Exchange
Baba "Let It Shine" Velour

Live set by Baba featuring all de folks...

back to our irregularly scheduled insanity ($¢)...

Live Human "?" Ellyfish Jelephant
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "?" M Label
Bloodclot Gangster Youth "Kill Or Be Killed" Full Watts
Smith and Mighty "Bass is Maternal" Bass is Maternal
? "Sound Of Da Police (2-Step Mix)" white
KRS One vs. Freqnasty "Sound Of Da Police" Old School To New School
DJ Zinc "138 Trek" Tru-Playaz
DJ Hype "Roll The Beats" Suburban Base
DJ Die "Clear Skies" V/A: DJ Hype Live
Pigbag "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag" Profile
Pigbag "Schounda" Y Records

Moosaka (Sound Thoughts) on the guest tip...

Pharoah Sanders "Harvest Time"
Silent Poets "answer"
Killah Priest "Temple of the Mental"
Roots "The Lesson prt 2"
Saul Williams+Walker "Dance of the Dead"
Rahmellzee vs K-Rob "Beet Bop"
Shuman "Encore"

And $¢ with the grand finale...

Fats Navarro "Syphonette" Fabulous Fats Navarro
Blue Note

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