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Playlist for June 20, 2000
"Ass n' Titties vs. Down Under" soundclash feat. Ghetto(tech) Supastar Disco D (GTI, Detroit) and Dan the Man w/ Royce (RTR-FM, Perth, Aus.)

Donovan "Get Thy Bearings" Dusty Fingers Volume 1
Dusty Finger Records
The Meters "Rigamortis" Look Ka Py Py
Wild Magnolias "Handa Wanda" The Wild Magnolias

Disco D tearin' the shit up +16 pitch stylee...

The Unknown DJ "Xmen (Inst.)" Teckno Kut
Jammin’ Gerald "Erk-n-Jerk (Remix)" Dave Mania
Transits of Tone "Warfare Beets" K7
DJ Zap "I Can Make You" GTI
I.O.S. "The May Voices Of Erik" F.A.C.T.
Model 500 "No Ufos (D-Mix)" Metroplex
Disco D "Where They At" Contaminated
Disco D "Where They At (Lady’s Night Mix)" white
Jackass and Mule "1-2-3 Miami" Xylophone Jones
Waxmaster Maurice "Waxscratch Trax" Dance Mania
Waxmaster Maurice "Bounce That Body" Dance Mania
Digitek "Tekno 4x4" Twilight 76
Miracle "Bounce (accapella)" Universal Music
Aaron Carl "Down" Metroplex
DJ Assault "Ass n’ Titties (Radio)" Electrofunk
DJ Deeon "Shake Dat Butt" Dance Mania
Detrechno "Jit" Sole Tech
Trick Daddy "Shut Up (Disco D Remix)" white
DJ Assault "Funky Bitchshmental" Electrofunk
DJ Assault "Sex On The Beach" Electrofunk
Disco D "I.R.S." Contaminated
DJ Zap "Clubtalk (Disco D Remix)" GTI
Disco D "Dirty Drink Dub" GTI
Disco D "You Need Another Drink" GTI
Le Car "Automatik" Craft
12 Tech Mob "Hoodrat" Mob City
I.O.S. "Dance Through The Night" F.A.C.T.
Al Nafysh "The Soul" Cuttin’ Records

'Jazz Interlude' with $mall ¢hange

Jurassic 5 "Swingsett" Quality Control
Charlie Parker "Tiny’s Tempo" Encores
John Coltrane/Wilbur Hardin "Oomba" Dial Africa

Bogan-free beats by Dan the Man and Royce (RTR-FM,Perth, Aus.)...

Blue Majic "Sideshow" Blue Majic
Zero 7 "Out Of Town" Solar Management
Galt Macdermot "Field of Sorrow" Kilmarnock
Siro "Two" Klang
DJ Eli Shan Boogs "Lay Puzzled" Fondle ‘Em
Miguez Migs "Breathe" La Casa
Muro "Han Tome" Incredible
Mr. Bird "For Your Ears Only" Hertz
Chief Excel "Fully Charged" Mo’ Wax
Mnemonic Ascent "Coincide" Blank
Recloose "Dislocate" Planet E
Acrobatic "Say Yes" Detonator
Beber "Juvinile Delinquent" Marine Parade
Ming and FS "Family" Om

$mall ¢hange mops up the musical massacre...

James Brown "Payback (Norman Cook’s Final Mixdown)" Urban
Death In Vegas "GBH" Concrete
Ken Ishii "Circular Motion (Red Snapper Mix)" R and S
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy "Television, The Drug Of A Nation" 4th and B’way
Jan Hammer "Theme From Miami Vice" Miami Vice
The Beatnigs "Television" Alternative Tentacles
Bauhaus "Bela Lagosi’s Dead" Small Wonder
Billy Childish "Suck The Scum" The Sudden Fart Of Laughter
Dog Meat
De La Soul "Paul’s Revenge/3 Days Later" Buhloone Mind State
Tommy Boy

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