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Playlist for May 24, 2000
"These Are The Breakz"

Free samples n' grooves' courtesy of...

(1)  $mall ¢hange
(2)  Duane (Other Muzak/Sundaze @ Serena)
(3)  Jun  (Sonic Sum/Sundaze @ Serena)
(4)  Rai  (Vampyros Lesbos)
(5)  Alec  (Sundaze @ Serena)
ArtistCutSpun by...
Fatback Band "King Tim III (Personality Jock)" 1
Spoonie G. "Spoonin' Rap" 1
James Brown "Funky Drummer" 1
Edwin Starr "Easin' In" 1
The Soul Seven "Cissy's Thang" (Skip to my Loop remix) 2
Muddy Waters "I Just Want To Make Love To You" 3
The Nightlighters "Kool Pick" 4
Dee Dee Warwick "I'm A Woman" 5
Betty Wright "Clean Up Woman" 1
Odetta "Hit Or Miss" 2
Aretha Franklin "Cry Light A Baby" 3
Sweet Charles "Soul Man" 4
Victor Brady "Brown Rain" 5
Jiminy Cricket and Rica Moore "The Switch-Hit" 1
Ike Turner "Gettin' Nasty" 1
Surprise "Sweet Thang" 2
Billy Cobham "Crosswinds" 3
Pete Rodreiguez "Here Come's the Judge" 4
Great Pride "She's A Lady" 5
Oliver Nelson "Skull Session" 1
Shamek Farrah "First Impressions" 1
Jean Jacque Perry "E.V.A." 1
Brentford All Stars "Greedy G" 1
The Beatles "Sgt. Peppers' Reprise" 2
Mike Curb "Bay City Boys" 2
Incredible Bongo Band "Apache" 2
Alvin Cash "Keep On Dancin'" 2
Zac Bruell "?" 3
Mother Freedom Band "Love Will Stay In Your Corner" 3
Al Green "The Letter" 3
The Fish That Saved Pittsburg Soundtrack "Moses Theme" 3
Rimshots "Dance Girl" 4
The Winstons "Amen Brother" 4
Ballin' Jack "Found A Child" 5
Bubblegum Machine "I Wonder" 5
Sweet Linda Divine "I'll Say It Again" 5
Ripple "A Funky Song" 5
Soul Searchers "Funk To The Folks" 5
McCoy Tyner "Impressions" 1
Rufus Thomas "60 Minute Man" 1
Bill Withers "Grandma's Hands" 1
Galt MacDermot "Coffee Cold" 1
Babe Ruth "Keep Your Distance" 2
Zalatnay Sarota "Egyscerz" 2
Phil Flowers and his Flower Shop "Keep On Sockin' Em Children" 2
Nico Gomez and his Afro Percussion Group "Baila Chibiquiban" 2
Steve Arington "Nobody Can Be You" 3
Wrecking Cru "Found The Groove" 3
Taanya Gardner "No Frills" 3
Loose Ends "A Little Spice" 3
Sugarmen 3 "Soul Donkey" 4
Gene Ludwig "Sticks and Stones" 4
Lebron Brothers "Summertime Blues" 4
The Gary Byrd Experience "Soul Travelin', Pt. 1" 1
William DeVaughn "Be Thankful For What You Got" 1
Pretty Purdie and the Playboys "Song For Aretha" 5
Eddy Senay "Ain't No Sunshine" 5
The New Apocolypse "Stainless Soul" 5
Mary Queeny Lyons "See and Don't See" 5
Pretty Purdie and the Playboys "Heavy Soul Slinger" 5
Betty Harris "Break In the Road" 2
Love "Doggone" 2
Orchestrer Werner Muller "Bodybulding" 2
Jaco Pastorius "Come On, Come Over" 3
Don Randi "Mrs. Robinson" 3
Rhinocerous "Old Age" 3
Don Randi "Goodbye Columbus" 3
Roy Ayers "Brawling Brawds" 3
Barkays "Barkays Bugaloo" 4
Ramsey Lewis "Do What Ya Wanna" 4
Otis Redding "Hard To Handle" 4
Skullsnaps "I'm Your Pimp" 4
The Quick "Bert's Apple Crumble" 4
The Drum Session "Shelly's Blues" 5
Jackie Lomax "Is This What You Want?" 5
Herbie Hancock "Bring Down The Birds" 1
Fela and the Africa 70 "Shakere" 1
Six Million Dollar Man "The Birth Of...(excerpt)" 1
Joe Williams with the Thad Jones Mel Lewis Big Band "Get Out Of My Life, Woman"1
Linda Lyndell "What A Man" 1
Art Blakey "Introduction (by Pee Wee Marquette)" 1
Herbie Hancock "Cantaloupe Island" 1
Tommy Roe "Dizzy" 2
The Fatback Band "Keep On Dancin'" 2
Euguene McDaniels "Headless Heros of the Apocolypse" 2
Frieta "Something Going On" 2
Billy Cobham and George Duke "Almutafa (The Beloved)" 3
Les McCann "The Harlem Buck Dance Strut" 3
Weather Report "American Tango" 3
Jeff Lorber "Raindance" 3
Funk Factory "Riene Ne Va Plus" 3
Eddie Henderson "Inside You" 3
Junior Parker "Taxman" 3
Jacques Loussier "Top Cover Girl" 4
? "Cookies" 4
The Last Word "Funky and Some" 4
Lee Michaels "Who Could Want More" 5
Just the Power Of Drums "?" 5
Watts 103rd St. Rhythms Band "65 Bars and Salt" 5
Wet Whilly "Shame Shame Shame" 2
Lalo Schriffin "Danube Incident" 5
Lou Donalson "Ode To Billie Joe" 1

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