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Playlist for Apr 26, 2000
"It's Way Too Very Stimulating"
w/ intellectual dujour, the very talented MC Paul Barnam
and DJ Mr. Ten Fingers...

Double Dee and Steinski "Lesson 3" Tommy Boy promo
Archie Bleyer "Hernando's Hideaway" Cadence
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers "We're Off To See A Parade" Peter Pan
Bob Azzam "Batucada Por Favor" Batucada Por Favor
Mr. Bongo
Antibalas "Dirt and Blood" Liberation Afrobeat

Especial guesto MC fuckin' Paul Barnum I mean Barman...
w/ DJ Mr. Ten Fingers...

muy freestyles plus:

MC Paul Barman "MC Fibonacci Sequence vs. Interrupting Rapper" Post Graduate Work 7"
MC Paul Barman "I'm Frickin' Awesome" It's Very Stimulating E.P.
MC Paul Barman "The Joy Of Your World" It's Very Stimulating E.P.

Mr. Ten Fingers rickin' de doubles...

Vaughn Mason and Co. "Bounce, Rock, Roll, Skate" Brunswick
Roots "Silent Treatment (Inst.)" Geffen

some other schlitz, sorry, was mad hectic in here...

and back to "sanity"

Rod McKeun "The Mud Kids" Earth
Charlie Whitehead "Shaft's Mama" ...and the Swamp Dogg Band
Fungus Strata-East
The Karminsky Experience "Assignment Istanbul" The Hip Sheik E.P.
We "Birimbau" Square Root of Negative One
We "Afrique" Decentertainment
Home Entertainment/Liquid Sky

Ol' Escuela Beats and Pieces

Sweet Exocist "Per Clonk" Warp
Sweet Exocist "Clonk (Homebass mix)" Warp
Tricky Disco "Tricky Disco (Past Tricky's Bedtime Mix)" Warp
Cajmere "I'm a Dreamer" Underground Goodies Vol. II
LNR "Work It To The Bone (Dub It to the Bone Mix)" Profile
Frankie Bones "I Go To Work" Favorite Breaks Vol. 1
Under World Records
Scientist "The Exocist" Kickin'
Joey Beltram "The Sub Base Experience" Volume 2
R and S
Tek 9 "London Sum'ting" Jungle Dub 3
Johnny Jungle "Killa Sound (Krome and Time Remix)" Suburban Base
The Dream Team "Stamina" Suburban Base
Sound Station "Sound Station" Suburban Base
Tom and Jerry "Maximum Booty Shit" white

Sex and Drugs Hootinanny...

Privilege "The Coke Man (Acapella)" Stargate
Julia Lee "The Spinach Song (I Didn't Like It The First Time)" Weed: A Rare Batch
Bo Carter "Please Warm My Weiner" Please Warm My Weiner
Budget Girls "Miso Hornie" Damaged Goods
Ike Turner's Family Vibes "Sixty Nine" Strange Fruit
Holly Golightly "Use Me" God Don't Like It
Damaged Goods

Wacky show this week, and watch out for Paul Barman.
Man is ill...

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