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Playlist for Mar 29, 2000
"If I Must aka Straight off the Plane Mix"

DJ Food "Turtle Soup (Wagonchrist Mix)" Refried Food Pts. 5 and 6
Ninja Tune
Zapp "More Bounce To The Ounce" bootleg
Jean Jacques Perry "E.V.A." Best Of Moog
DJ Riz "Live From Brooklyn, Part 1" Stimulated
The Ancients feat. Lord Velocity "Off The Meter" Trring Records
Maggatron Crushing Crew "The Bass That Ate Miami" Pandisc
The New York Taxi Driver "Philosophies" The New York Taxi Driver
Del the Funky Homosapian "If You Must (Automator Remix)" Hiero
Dead Prez "Hip Hop" Loud
Lou Bega "Mambo (The Trumpet)" RCA
E-Klektik "Maracana Madness (Jaques Lu Cont Remix)" Wall Of Sound
Sizzla "Rain Showers (Bronx Dogs Warrior Dub Mix)" Jet Star
Last Poets "Jazzoetry" The Prime Time Rhythm Of...
On the One
Rudolf Johnson "Diswa" Best Of Black Jazz
Black Jazz/Universal Sound
Amos Milburn "Operation Blues" Rare Masters
The Delmore Brothers "It's Taking Me Down" Lonesome Yodel Blues
Old Homestead
Tampa Red "But I Forgive You" The Guitar Wizard
Blues Classics
Little Beaver "Just My Imagination" Black Rhapsody
Susumu Yokota "Melt" Magic Thread
Cabbage Boy "Cabbage" Genetically Modified
Phil Pratt "Discomix" Thing
Pressure Sounds
Augustus Pablo "Unfinished Dub 1 (Dub Plate Mix)" Stop Them Jah 10"
International Dub Plate
John B. "Brain Drain" Power Play EP Vol. 2
DJ Assault "My Caddy" Belle Isle Tech
Booty Wax/Mo' Wax
Sesamstrasse "1, 2, 3, alt ist nicht neu" Lieder aus der Sesamstasse und andere lustige Songs
Fracis Coopieters "Cross Talk" Music For Dancefloors: The Cream Of The KPM Music
Johnny Pate "That Ain't Too Cool" Outrageous
Mog Drummond "High Yummies" Wohnmodell 1999
Sound For Escape
Joe Houston "Crazy Sax" All Night Long
Bill Doggett "The Worm" Finger-Tips
Defleshed "Walking The Moons Of Mars" Fucked (compilation)
Super Snooper and Blabber Mouse "Monster Shindig
Story" Monster Shindig
Hanna Barbera Records
Gene Page "Run, Tina, Run" Blacula
The Electric Indian "My Cherie Amour" Keem-O-Sabe
United Artists
Dominatrix "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" Streetwise
Soho "Freaky (Francois K. Dub)" Atco
Cassius "Somebody" 1999
Newcleus "Jam On It" Jam On Revenge
Leftfield "Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix)" Phuture House
Sonny Sharrock "Portrait Of Linda In Three Colors,
All Black" Black Woman
Ismael Miranda "Senor Serano" Ritmo Caliente: Salsa Greats Vol. 1
Fania/Caliente (Charley)
Engleberg Humperdink "Cuando, Cuando, Cuando" Swingin' Cheese
Mykill Miers "The Illest" Blackberry
Insane Poetry "Shroom Vision" Blackberry
People Under The Stairs "Youth Explosion" Om
Big Scoob "Can Du" white
Mr. Len feat. Juggaknots "This Morning" Matador/Ozone
Little Johnny Taylor "Driving Wheel" I Shoulda Been A Preacher
Red Lightnin'
Time Zone "World Destruction" Celluloid
DJ Z-Trip "Further Explorations Into The Black Hole" Future Primitive
Freestylers meet Z-Trip "Check the Skillz" Tektonics
Lou Donaldson "Don't Worry 'Bout Me" Good Gracious
Blue Note

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