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July 3, 2000:

Bronwyn and Elisabeth present a frothy concoction of pretty pink pop and snot-green bile. "News of the Dead", "Police Blotter", peculiar guests, and music for onanistic shut-ins. JonBenet's Saylist:

1. "Panties" 32 times

2. "Underwear" 7 times

3. "Thong" 6 times

4. "Condoms" 5 times

5. "Underpants" 2 times

6. "Pants" 2 times

7. "Beavers" (the animal) 2 times

8. "Corsets" 2 times

9. "Diapers" 1 time

10. "Vagina Dentata" 1 time

JonBenet's Playlist:

Playlist Key:
Name of Artist: "Song Title" (Title of Release)

Stereo Total: ComicStripTeaseGirl (Juke Box Alarm)
Stereo Total: Holiday Inn (Juke Box Alarm)
DJ Logic: Spider Dance (Project Logic)
Ladytron: He Took Her to a Movie (Special Skool)
Tom Tom Club: You Sexy Thing (Dark Sneak Love Action)
Apples in Stereo: Signal in the Sky (Powerpuff Girls comp.)

Piero Umiliani: Motore a Ioni (Musicaeletronicca 1)
Jurassic 5: Swing Set (Quality Control)
Leroy Holmes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Electronic Excursions in Hi Fidelity)
The Monstars: Funny Saga (Afrojazzfunk Round 2)
Tim "Love" Lee: Your Mum (Tummy Re-Touch)

Nikki & the Corvettes: You're the One (s/t)
Les Sequelles: Au secours aidez moi (7")
Dim Dim: 2001 Woodstock Jam (Ananas)
The Bagel Boys: Super Toasting (Moving Further Out)
Last Heard: East Side Sound (Buzz Buzz Buzzz)

Johnny Zee: Yoor Nach La (What Is Bhangra?)
Sharon Jones: Bump 'n' Touch (100% Pure Funk)
Kjetil D. Brandsdal: Komboloi (Le Jazz Non: Norwegian Noise)

Slum Village: Forth and Back (Fantastic Vol. 2)
Jackie Mittoo: Get Up and Get It (The Keyboard King of Studio One)
Max Tundra: 6161 (Some Best Friend You Turned Out to Be)
Komeda: Check It Out
Shy: Theme from A Summer Place (Atomium 3003)

Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her: Do I Love You Enough? (No! No! No!)
The Runaways: Dead End Justice (s/t)
Loretta Lynn: Fist City(box set)

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