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June 12, 2000:

Bronwyn and Elisabeth present a frothy concoction of pretty pink pop and snot-green bile. "News of the Dead", "Police Blotter", peculiar guests, and music for onanistic shut-ins.
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Name of Artist: "Song Title" (Title of Release)

Princess Superstar: "Bump You're Off" (Last of the Great 20th Century Composers)
Hoku: "We Will Follow the Sun" (Hoku)
Chicks on Speed: Eurotrash Girl (Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All!)
Patrick Juvet: Ou Sont les femmes? (Best of Disco)
DJ Cor Blimey and His Pigeon: Water/Yoga Yawn (DJ Cor Blimey and His Pigeon)

???: "Catch" + "Een Drumcomputer en een Synthesizer" (Mixed Up in the Hague)
Aterciopelados: "El Estudo" (Phat Global #1)
Titan: "Corazon" (Elevator)
Stock, Hausen & walkman: "New" (Organ Transplants #2)
Billy Syndrome: "Home Sweet Home" (7")
Les Primitifs du Futur: "Fox Musette" (World Musette)

Lina: "Rester au soleil" (Redevenir Modeste)
Les Valentins: "Teddy Bear" (Ego Ego)
Hanin Elias: "Girl Serial Killer" (In Flames)
Myles of Destruction: "Menace 2 Heterosexuality" (That Boy Has Problems)
V/VM: "Rock Me Amadeus" (Falco Tribute)

Jurassic 5: "Quality Control"
Nick Ingman: "Down Home" (Play Time=8B10 Pure 70s Jazz-Funk Tracks)
Russ Meyer's Cherry, Harry & Raquel: South of the Border (Music for Gracious Living, vol. 2)
Machine: "Get Your Body Ready"

Les Maledictus Sound: "Kriminal Theme" (Les Maledictus Sound)
Michel Houellebecq: "Ces Derniers temps" (Presence Humaine)
Piero Umiliani: "Caravan" (Ode to Duke Ellington)
Los Samplers: "Mambo Brillante" (Descargas)
DJ Tee Bee: "Brainwaves" (Thermodynamics, vol. 1)

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