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Playlist for Playlist for November 22, 1999:

The brown of subconscious thought.




*Indicates a selection from my collection.
Lagos /Venosta /Mariani "Suite about depth: >a)Seguiriyas >Alegrias >Fandangos >Solea >e)Bulerias" Electronic Adventures in Flamenco
*Mass Ensemble "Water" Mass (Movement and Sound Sculpture) Ensemble
*Joan Baez "Poems from the Japanese" Baptism
In Gowan Ring "Cipher's String On the Tree" Abend The Knurled Stitch

Tim Buckley "Hi Lily, Hi Lo" Works in Progress
*Ósk "Jól" Méd Ósk Um Glédileg Jól
*Mecca Bodega "Neck Beard" /"Trust" Mecca Bodega Live
*Frederick IV "Another Mountain Missed" Themes from Imaginary Lands
*Monkeyworks "All Folks Welcome" Monkeyworks

Roy Montgomery "German Sister" 324 E.13th St. #17
David Grubbs "Two Shades of Blue" The Thicket
Pines of Rome "Star Lake" On All Fours
*Ralph Towner /John Abercrombie "Bumabia" Five Years Later
*Vinicius Cantuária "Arracaju" Tucumã

*Wild Carnation "The Road to Bielenfeld" Superbus demos
*The Lovin' Spoonful "Darlin' Be Home Soon" The Best...
*Amazing Blondel "Sailing" Blondel
*Dulcimer "Grey Lady Morning" Room for Thought
*Scott Walker "The Amprous Humphrey Plugg" Scott 2

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Freckles" Spanish Dance Troupe
*The Left Banke "My Friend Today" There's Gonna Be a Storm
*Arriaga String Quartet: Darius Milhaud "String Quartet No.1, Op.5: Rythmique" String Quartet No.1, Op.5 /String Quartet No.2, Op.16
*Theo Eastwind "All This Time" Wip

*The Trolleyvox "Don't Turn Me On" ephemera for the future
The Lilac Time "Sleepy" Looking for a Day in the Night
*John Sheehan "Trout & Daylillies" Modern Man
Amps for Christ "Forward Pipes" Electrosphere
The Sun Also Rises "Death" The Sun Also Rises
Tram "You Can Go Now (If You Want)" Heavy Black Frame


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