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Playlist for May 10, 1999:

Mellifluous music from Martha Wainwright and friends.




*Denotes a selection from my collection.
*Martin Posen "Tarlika's Shadow" /"Orison" Triple Heater
*Dando Shaft "Is It Me?" Reaping the Harvest
*Caedmon "Aslan" Caedmon
*Steve Tilsotn "I Really Wanted You" An Acoustic Confusion
*Nick Drake "Place To Be" Pink Moon

*Sam Prekop "The Shadow" Sam Prekop
*Frank Tedesso "Frannie" Einstein's Violin
 Martha Wainwright "Laurel and Hardy" (demo)

Live Performance by Martha Wainwright and Friends

Martha Wainwright is the daughter of Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle-- and a goodly amount of talent from the two of them are a part of her makeup. With a great, smoky voice, nimble guitar fingerings and, best of all, an original songwriting style, I think Ms. Wainwright is a major talent. Accompanying Martha were her cousin (and daughter of Anna McGarrigle) Lilly Lankin, Andrew on bass, Tom Messier on keyboards, and Jimmy Zhivago on electric guitar. Martha Wainwright is currently in the studio wokring on her first solo release. (She's previously appeared on The McGarrigle Hour album and a Dan Berne CD.)

*Peter Lang "Lycurgus" Lycurgus The Wolf Driver
*Paul Jacobs: Igor Stravinsky "Four Études, Op.7 (1908)" Piano Études by Bartók, Busoni, Messaien, and Stravinsky
*The New York Rock Ensemble "Willow Tree" Two Classic Albums From The New York Rock Ensemble
*Joe Venuti and Earl Hines "The One I Love" Hot Sonatas

*Alexander Rabbit "Living In This World" The Hunchback of Notre Dame (The Bells Were My Friends)
*The Collectors "Don't Turn Away (From Me)" Grass and Wild Strawberries
*Elizabeth "Alarm Rings Five" Elizabeth
*Bert Jansch "Sit Down Beside Me" Heartbreak
*Jacob's Creek "Coming...The River" Jacob's Creek
*Mellow Candle "The Poet and The Witch" /"Messenger Birds" Swaddling Songs

*The Verlaines "Such As I" Ready To Fly
*Guided By Voices "Hot Freaks" /Smothered in Hugs" Bee Thousand


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