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Playlist for March 15, 1999:

Surviving the Marathon's 2nd week (after a sick-out).

(WFMU's Marathon is our main method of raising operating funds for the next year. Listener donations are what fund the station, not government money. As a result, there are many more talk breaks than usual.)




 *Denotes a selection from my collection.
 *Shawn Phillips "Rumplestiltskin's Resolve"  Rumplestiltskin's Resolve
*The Strawbs "Forever" Halcyon Days: The Best of The Strawbs

Michael Hurley "O My Stars" Snockgrass
Anne Briggs "The Time Has Come"  The Time Has Come
*John Martyn "Don't Want to Know" Solid Air

*Linda Perhacs "Dolphin" Parallelograms
*Linda Perhacs "Moons and Cattails" Parallelograms
*Giovanni Sollima "Aquilarco #8 (Aria)" Aquilarco
Knut Hamre and Steve Tibbets "Spelar Guro" Å

 *John Fahey "Song #3" America
*Scott Appel "Meshes of the Afternoon" Parhelion
Lech Jankowski "Zym Zym" /"Melodia Na Piec' " Institute Benjamenta

 *Roy Montgomery "In Our Own Time" And Now the Rain Sounds Like Life is Falling Down Through It
*Dan Hicks "Slow Movin' " Early Muses
*Geoff Muldaur "Got to Find Blind Lemon - Part One"  The Secret Handshake
*Fred Neil "Dolphins" The Many Sides of Fred Neil

 *Ledbelly "Borgeois Blues" In The Shadows of the Gallows Pole

Robyn Hitchcock "I'm Only You" Storefront Hitchcock
*Phillip Johnston's Transparent Quartet "All I Do Is Dream of You" The Needless Kiss
*Dan Hicks "Shall I Ask An Elf" Early Muses

 *Colin Blunstone "I Don't Believe In Miracles" Ennismore
*The Millennium "The Island" Begin
*Edward's Hand "Friday Hill" Edward's Hand

 *Sloan "She's So Heavy" Navy Blues
*XTC "The Easter Theatre" Apple Venus pt.1
*Troka (unknown title) live on WFMU 5/1198

 *Marshall Crenshaw "Everyone's in Love with You" The 9-Volt Years
*Linda Perhacs "Parallelograms" Paralellograms
 *Miles Davis "Nefertitti"  


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