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Playlist for January 4, 1999:
Favorites and reflections of the year.

(Some of the recordings I've discovered and enjoyed in 1998.)




*Denotes something from my music collection / Information on recordings noted at list's end

 Roy Montgomery "Down From That Hill and Up to the Pond" And Now the Rain Sounds Like Life is Falling Down Through It
 La Lengua Asesina "Chambre Vert" Hotel Opera (1)
 Fred Neil "Merry Go Round" Many Sides of Fred Neil
 Steven R. Smith "In Held Ambit" Autumn Is the End (3)

Rasputina "Signs of the Zodiac" How We Quit the Forest
*Ryuichi Sakamoto "Untitled 01: Salvation" Dischord (4)
Lech Jankowski "Melodia Na Pie (part I, II, III)" Institute Benjamenta (5)
Yungchen Lhamo "Per Rig Chog Sum" Coming Home (6)

 *Ralph Towner /Gary Peacock  "Creeper" A Closer View (7)
*Giovanni Sollima "Loof and Let Dime" Aquilarco (Point Music)
Stone Breath "The Rainbow" Songs of Moonlight and Rain (8)
Stone Breath "The Rainbow" /"Guilded Leaves of Autumn"  A Silver Thread to Weave the Seasons (8)
*Timothy Hill "A Song on the End of the World" This Bright World (9)

 *John Martyn "May You Never" Solid Air (10)
Shirley Collins "Gilderoy" Fountain of Snow (11)
 *Scott Appel "Secret Snow" Parhelion
*The Strawbs "I Turned My Face to the Wind" Halcyon Days (12)
*John Fahey "Jesus Was a Dying Bedmaker" America

 Of Montreal "You Feel You Must Go, Don't Go!" The Bedside Drama (13)
*Troka "Masurkka" Troka (Northside Records)
 *Paul Giovanni "Willow's Song" The Wicker Man sdtk. (14)
*Geoff Muldaur "Wild Ox Moan" The Secret Handshake (Hightone Records)
 Dusty Springfield "Wishin' and Hopin' " The Dusty Springfield Anthology (15)

 The Free Design "One By One" Kites Are Fun: The Best of The Free Design (16)
 Elliott Smith "Baby Britain" XO
Emitt Rhodes "Better Side of Life" Daisy-Fresh from Hawthorne, CA: The Best of Emitt Rhodes (17)
 Paper Garden "I Hide" Pepperisms Around the Globe (18)
 The Creation "Sweet Helen" Biff! Bang! Pow!
 The Freak Scene "Interpolation: We Shall Overcome" The Freak Scene /The Devil's Anvil(19)
 The Kinks "I'll Remember" Face to Face (20)

 Frank Zappa "I Was a Teenage Malt Shop" /"The Birth of Captain Beefheart" /"Metal Man has Won his Wings" Mystery Disc (21)
 *Marshall Crenshaw "You're My Favorite Waste of Time" The 9 Volt Years
*The Gripweeds  "Everything and All You Feel" The Sound Is In You (22)

Information on recordings above by number:

(1) from Oil City Recordings, P.O.Box 6179, Hoboken, NJ 07030

(3) label: Darla

(4) label: Sony

(5) available from: Koninck, 19-20 Rheidol Mews, Rheidol Terrace, London N1 8NU, England

(6) label: Real World

(7) label: Real World label)

(8) Stone Breath, P.O.Box 9, Upperco, MD 21155-0009

(9) available from: Sweet Road, 417 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(10)  label: Island (CD reissue)

(11) Topic Records, available from World Serpent Distribution

(12) label: A&M Records (CD compilation)

(13) available from: Kindercore Records, P.O.Box 461, Athens, GA 30603

(14) Label: Trunk Records, P.O.Box 56, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 3YN, England

(15) Label: Mercury Records (CD comp.)

(16) label: Varese Sarabande

(17) label: Edsel

(18) available from: Normal Records, P.O. Box 150 117, 53040 Bonn, Germany *or* from

(19) label: Collectables Records, Box 35, Narbeth, PA 19072

(20) label: Castle Communications (UK import)

(21) label: Rykodisc

(22) label: Buy or Die Records *or* contact the Gripweeds at their website:


Other Favorites I Didn't Have Time to Play:

*Phillip Johnston's Transparent Quartet: "The Needless Kiss" [Koch]

Phillip Johnston: "Music for Films" [Tzadik]

*Robin Williamson: "A Job of Journey Work" [Pig's Whisker]

*Stefan Grossman: "Bottleneck Serenade" [Shanachie]

*The Tiger Lillies: "The Brothel to The Cemetery" [Neu Recordings]

R. Stevie Moore: "Phonography" (cd reissue)

Sloan: "Navy Blues"

*Cheeky Monkey (Michael Shelley): "Four Arms to Hold You" [Big Deal]

*Mark Humble: "Guilty Pleasure Cabaret"

*George Usher: "Dutch April" [Parasol Records]

Belle and Sebastian: "The Boy With The Arab Strap"

Robert Wyatt: "Schleep" (+ reissues of his albums) [Thirsty Ear]

Jonathan Richman: "I'm SO Confused!"

Brian Dewan: "The Operating Theatre"

Loudon Wainwright III: "Little Ship"


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