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Playlist for December 14, 1998:
Mark Humble & The Ringers indulge in guilty pleasures.




* Denotes something from my music collection.

 *New York Rock & Roll Ensemble  "The Seasons: a)Fall b)Winter c)Spring d)Summer  The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble
 Sanna Kurki-Suono  ("title? ")  
 *The National Gallery  "Long Hair, Soulful"  The National Gallery (Performing Interpretations of the Paintings of Paul Klee)
 Amp  "Sunflower"  Sunflower
 4 Hero   "Golden Age of Life" /"Planetaria"  Two Pages

 The Kinks  "Too Much On My Mind"  Face to Face
 *George Usher  "My Life with Jack the Fool"  Dutch April
 *Thom MacFarlane  "Intro-Speech" /"Fascist Fingers" /"Turn Away" /"In Between the Sheets"  Longtime
 No. 1 Cup  "3 Stars"  People, People, Why are We Fighting

Live performance by Mark Humble and The Ringers

(Mark Humble: songwriter /lead vocals /guitar, David Foster: guitar /bkg. vocals, Chris: bass /bkg. vocals, David: drums)

Mark Humble has been performing for years in the Manhattan /Brooklyn area and recently released his first album, "Guilty Pleasure Cabaret". Mark has one of the sweetest singing voices I've heard and possesses a wonderful knack for writing great popsongs and harmonies.


For information on "Guilty Pleasure Cabaret" or to contact Mark, send a note to:

The Marx Brothers "Everyone Says I Love You" (all versions from "Horse Feathers" The Marx Brothers Sing and Play (box set)
 They Might Be Giants "Birdhouse in Your Soul" Severe Tire Damage

*Fairport Convention "Sloth" Full House
Fred Neil "Other Side of This Life" Many Sides of Fred Neil
*The Strawbs "The Hangman and The Papist" Halcyon Days
*Scott Appel "Hideways /Sidewise Turn" Parhelion


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