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October 23, 2000:

Damon & Naomi with Ghost Guitartst Kurihara glow in the twilight.





*Indicates a selection from my collection.
*The Andy Statman Quartet "You Were Revealed" Between Heaven and Earth
*Theodisii Spassov "Selo Isgrev 17.18h (Isgrev Village, 5:18pm)" /"Vesta" The Fish are Praying for Rain
*Dina Saluzzi "Winter" Andina
*Maria Kalaniemmi "Olin Sairas Kun Luokseni Saavuit (I Was Sick When You Came to Visit Me)" Maria Kalaniemmi
Goldfrapp "Horse Tears" Felt Mountain

*The Threnody Ensemble "Somewhere Near Denton" Timbre Hollow
John Fahey "900 Miles"  
*MASS Ensemble "Chaos Nebula" Pleades
*Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet "Arcades II (Stravinsky in Memoriam)" Come to the Meadow

Live Performance by Damon and Naomi with Kurihara (guitarist with Ghost)

Having just released a wonderful new album with the Japanese folk/psyche group, Ghost, Damon and Naomi snagged one of the group's guitarists, Michio Kurihara, to go on tour with. The music is a warm blend of passion and gentleness, reminiscent of those moments in late afternoon when the day is fading away. Damon and Naomi with Kurihara took a few moments away from the road to tape this lovely set for WFMU.

The new album, "Damon and Naomi with Ghost," is available on the Sub Pop label.

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*Ghost "Fukeiga" Snuff Box Immanence
*Tom Rapp "Mars" A Journal of the Plague Year
*Hollins and Starr "Vivace (2nd movement from J.S. bach's Flute Sonata in A Minor)" /"Lovable" Sidewalks Talking
*The Mometers "the Day" Meet The Mometers

*The John Renbourne Group " A Maid in Bedlam
*Trees "Sally Free and Easy" On the Shore
*The Peanutbutter Conspiracy "Living Dream" The Great Conspiracy
*Ana D   Ana D


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