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Playlist for April 17, 2000:

The Loud Family drops in from the left coast.





*Indicates a selection from my collection.
The Moles "Lonely Hearts Get What They Deserve" Untune the Sky
*The Ophelias "I Will Die in Your Pocket" Oriental Head
Trembling Blue Stars " No Longer Know Anything" Broken By Whispers
*Robbie Basho "Sansara in Sweetness After Sandstorm" Guitar Soli
*Älgarnas Träadgård "There is a time for everything, there is a time when every time will meet" Garden of Elks

*Mandible Chatter "The Toymaker's Dream /Wynken Blynken and Nod"  Measuring the Marigolds
*Chrysalis "Dr. Root's Garden" Definition
*Fly Ashtray "Ignells #2" /"Crows" Clumps Takes a Ride
Beachwood Sparks "Something I Don't Recognize" Beachwood Sparks
Camper Van Beethoven "Still Wishing to Course" Camper Van Beethoven
Olivia Tremor Control "Suite Two: Frosted Ambassador /Green Typewriters /The Princess Turns the Key to Cubist Castle /Looking for Meaning" John Peel Session 18-3-97
*The Loud Family "One Will be the Highway" Attractive Nuisance

Live performance by The Loud Family

Kenny Kessel: bass/ vox, Alison Faith Levy: keyboards/ vox, Scott Miller: guitar/vox, Gil Ray: drums

Catchy bone crunching rock and melodies of incredible delicacy, brought to life by interesting lyrics. You'll find it all on "Attractive Nuisance," the 5th full album from The Loud Family on Alias Records--and on all of their releases. I've been following The Loud Family's music and playing it on WFMU for years, but never got around to actually seeing them play live. What a revelation! They took time out from touring to drop by WFMU for a live set.


Check out the Loud Family website:

There's an amazing wealth of information on the band, more than I could intelligently write about, including Scott Miller's answers to your questions, lyrics, news, pictures, album ordering info and MP3s.




*The Loud Family "Ballet Hetero" The Tape of Only Linda
*Big Lazy "Amnesia" Big Lazy
David Thomas and Foreigners "Black Rain" Bay City
The For Carnation "Tales (Live from the Crypt)" The For Carnation

The Spinnanes "Hawaiian Baby" Imp Years
*Theo Eastwind "All This Time" Wip
*Timothy Hill "The Human Place" The Human Place
*Monkeyworks "Hit By a Dragonfly" Monkeyworks
*Mahavishnu Orchestra "You Know, You Know" The Inner Mounting Flame
*Kendra Smith /David Roback /Keith Mitchell "Fell From the Sun"  
The Essex Green "Bald" The Essex Green (EP)

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