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Playlist for December 3, 2001:

Celebrating George Harrison, and lovely performances by the Independence Project.




In Memoriam: George Harrison, who lost his battle with cancer this past Friday.
The Beatles "It's All Too Much" Yellow Submarine
The Beatles "I Want to Tell You" Revolver
George Harrison "Beware of Darkness" All Things Must Pass reissue (demo)
George Harrison "Isn't It a Pity" All THings Must Pass reissue
Traelling Willburys "Handle with Care Travelling Willburys
George Harrison "This Song" Thirty Three & 1/3
The Beatles "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You" A Hard Day's Night
George Harrison "Devil's Radio" Cloud Nine
The Beatles "Think for Yourself" Rubber Soul
The Beatles "I Need You" Help!
The Beatles "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" The White Album
George Harrison "I'd Have YOu Any Time" All Things Must Pass
George Harrison "Breath Away from Heaven" Cloud Nine
The Beatles "Only a Northern Song" Yellow Submarine

Live Performance by The Independence Project

Started by singer/songwriter Rebecca Martin, The Independence Project is a showcase for NYC performers, who tour in packs of Three. This time around it's Goats in Trees, Eric Metzger and Rebecca Martin. You can see their opcoming tour dates and all kinds of information about each at


Goats In Trees

(Monica Ann Crigler: lead vocals, acoustic guitar /Jason Crigler: vocals, electric guitar /John Mettham: drums, vocals /Jeff Hill: bass, vocals)

  • "Between the Rising and The Setting Sun"
  • "Midnight Road to Duluth"
  • "Adeline"
  • "Dead of Winter"
  • "Soldier"
  • "Seagulls"

Goats In Trees is called "Smoke and Mirrors", available on their own Rudy Records through their website:

 CD: Eric Metzger "Island"  Life Extension Studies
Alice Bierhorst "Light Don't Know the Difference" Now Entering Liberty Heights


Eric Metzger

(Eric Metzger: vocals, guitar, piano/ Jason Crigler: guitar, vocals/ John Mettham: bass, vocals/ Alice Bierhorst: drums, vocals)

Eric Metzgar grew up in Richmond, Virginia. He attended college in Athens, Georgia, diving into the intensive music scene, playing in several bands, recording and playing throughout the Southeast. In 1999, he moved to New York City, where he began writing material for his first solo recording "Life Extension Studies" (produced by Jason Crigler) which is also available through the Independence Project website.

  • "The Wind"
  • "Last Night on the Farm"
  • "Song About a Zebra"
  • "Armor"
  • "The House Watches the Family"
  • "Something Older"
Rebecca Martin "Dindi" Middlehope
Rebecca Martin "How Do You Say Auf Wiedersehn?" Middlehope
Rebecca Martin "Empty Hands" Pearl Diving Near the Hudson: Live on Irene Trudel's Show
Rebecca Martin "Then a Wall Came Up Inside Me" Middlehope


Rebecca Martin

(Rebecca Martin: Vocals, guitar/ Steve Cardenes: guitar/ Bill McHenry: saxophone/ Matt Penman: acoustic bass)

Rebecca Martin has one of the most original and beautiful voices to grace the jazz genre. MArtin began her career with the group "Once Blue," and she's toured with people like Lisa Loeb, Shawn Colvin, Squeeze and Emmylou Harris. Rebecca's latest album isa lovely collection of standards called "Middlehope," available through the Independence Project website.

  • "Old Familiar Song"
  • "Prove Them Wrong"
  • "I'm the One"


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