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Playlist for October 22, 2001:

Wiping your stress away with Flashpapr.


Live performance by Flashpapr

(Fred Thomas: guitar,vocals /Ben Bracken: guitar, electronics, xylophone /Zachary Wallace: bass /Jacob Danziger: Violin)

This Michigan-based ensemble, featuring plucked and bowed strings with electronics, combines folk-like songs with organic sound textures to create hauntingly lovely and hopeful music. Flashpapr's members have recorded with Warn Defever, Low, Ida, His Name is Alive. Flashpapr's first release, "Do What You Must Do," was released through the Westsdie Audio Laboratories label, who describes them as : Not just another violin band or bunch of idiots trying to emulate the music of a different time. This is some of the most honest and emotional sound you're likely to hear for some time. And when the snow starts to fall, you'll understand. Flashpapr also contributed their version of "Northern Sky" to the Nick Drake tribute album 'elsieandjackandnickdrake : sculpting from drake : volume one'



A new CD-R "New Leaves," which is for sale at shows, and a new full release will be available on Ypsilante Records soon. Flashpapr has a number of MP3's available, and here are links to a couple of them: From a Metrotimes Review:Flashpapr make music out of the happenstance, the banality, of everyday, small-town Midwestern grayness. Untitled tracks from an upcoming collection of live collaborations between Eric Cook (Persona) and Ben Bracken (Flashpapr, Remote Viewing Ensemble).

Hear an archive of the show!





*Indicates a selection from my collection

+New! Releases from Flashpapr and Ypsilanti Records.
*Flashpapr "Leave the Place" New Leaves
*Flashpapr "Northern Sky"

elsieandjackandnickdrake : sculpting from drake : volume one'

+Fred Thomas "Les Etoiles 7"
+ "Highwire" (Bolan) 7"
*Flashpapr "After Music" /"When Flowers Covered the Earth" New Leaves

Tara Jane O'Neil "The Winds You Came Here On" In the Sun Lines
*Clogs "Ukifune" Thom's Night Out
Lambchop "The Petrified Forest" Tools in the Dryer
Amy Allison "Where Did You Go?" Sad Girl

*Faun Fables "Traveller Returning" Mother Twilight
*Simon Shaheen and Quantara "Saraab" Blue Flame
*Dana Hanchard "Niña Pequeña" Once Canciones de Diego Luzuriaga
*Barbez "Wisconsin" Wood , Plastic, Metal, Paper and Flesh: Live on Irene Trudel's Show on WFMU
*Sigur Ros "Nybatteri"  

*Bang On a Can Allstars: Terry Riley "In C " (excerpt) Terry Riley: In C
Peter Blegvad "The Only Song"  
Her Space Holiday "Lydia" Manic Expressive
*The Gwens "A Mother's Words" Devil's Cliff
*The Gripweeds "Window" The Summer of a Thousand Years
*The Greys "Spooky" Ro Sham Bo


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