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Playlist for September 10, 2001:

Pure piano plunkin' and pop rockin' with Steve Espinola.





*Indicates a selection from my collection. 
*Carla Bley Band "440" Musique Mechanique
*Blood Sweat and Tears "I Can't Quit Her" Child is Father to the Man
*Stackridge "Grand Piano" Stackridge
*Chrysalis "Baby Let Me Show You Where I Live" Definition
*The Cowsills "Newspaper Blanket" Captain Sad and His Ship of Fools
*Mark Humble "Motorcade" More
*Victor Lovera "Ghost in 2-D" demo

*Circus Maximus "The Wind" Circus Maximus
*Thelonious Monk "Ask Me Now" Solo Monk
*Vinicius Cantuária "Quasi Choro" Vinicius
*Ralph Towner and Gary Peacock "Toledo" A Closer View
Wizz Jones "Mountain Rain" Lucky the Man
*Katell Keineg "Franklin" O Seasons, O Castles

Live Performance by Steve Espinola (with Raul Rothblatt of Eletfa on cello)

I first met Steve Espinola when Biff Rose played a coffeehouse in NYC's East Village a year or two ago. He'd mentioned in passing that he played keyboards and shortwave radio with the Dan Emery Mystery band, and that he was a songwriter. After bugging him a bit, Steve finally sent me a CDR of demos, and I was really knocked out! The songs echoed some of my favorite piano-based songwriters (Randy Newman, Nilsson, Biff Rose, etc), but they have an original voice filled with humor and poignancy. Espinola doesn't have an official release yet, but he does have a fun website that shows he's got interests WFMU listeners would appreciate. And Steve's responsible for bringing Biff Rose back to WFMU's airwaves, (see The Biff Rose Musical Interview Espinola conducted on my show on July 16) which makes him some kind of hero in my book!


Steve Espinola frequently performs st The Sidewalk Cafe (corner of E.6th Street and Avenue A) and other venues in NYC. He's also a tireless enthusiast for fellow NYC performers. Check out Espinola's website for information on upcoming gigs and his musical pals:

Hear an archive of the show!

A few songs by local artists, chosen by Steve Espinola



Brer Brian "Signals" The Man with the Artichoke Heart
Mary Ann Farley "My Bare Hands" Daddy's Little Girl
Langhorne Slim "Canned Heat" Slim Pickins
Bionic Finger "24 Hour Bug" Inner Bimbo
*Prewar Yardsale "Prewar Yardsale" Prewar Yardsale
Sonya Hunter "Deepest Well" Headlights and Other Constellations

Jeff Lightning Lewis "Life" Indie-Rock Fortune Cookie
Shameless (Anne Husick) "Voices" International Sweetheart
Moldy Peaches "Jorge Regula" The Moldy Peaches
Dina Dean "New Mexico" VA: Balloon Heaven, vol. 1 (various Spencer Chakedis productions)

Peter Dizozza "The Song of Laughter and Forgetting" Pro-Choice on Mental Health
Jessica Kane "I Can't Help It" /"Voice Lesson #1" Varicose Days
Lach "Dreamboat" Blang


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