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Playlist for August 27, 2001:

Nothin' to do 'cept laze in the summer.




*Indicates a selection from my collection. 
*Blood, Sweat and Tears "Overture / I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" Child is Father to the Man
*Thelonious Monk "Bemsha Swing" Live at the Jazz Workshop
Chris Lee "In Yellow Moonlight"  
*Manhattan String Quartet: Shostsakovich "String Quartet No.2 in A Major, op.68: Overture (moderato con moto)" Shostsakovich String Quartets Nos. 1,2,3
*Pearls Before Swine "Sail Away" These Things Too

*Steve Tibbetts "You and It" Yr
*Richard Thompson "Cold Kisses" You? Me? Us?
*Ralph Towner "Wedding of the Streams" Blue Sun
*Siousxie and the Banshees "Spellbound"
*Ultimate Spinach "(Ballad of the) Hip Death Goddess"  
*Simon Shaheen & Quantara "Silk Tears" Blue Flame

*Fawn Fables "Shadowsound" /"Hela" Mother Twilight
*Sidsel Endresen "Distances" Undertow
*Invert "Lost Spring" Invert
Magic Carpathians Project "Lullabye for a Rainbow Warrior" Live on Scott Williams show
*Bjork "Harm of Will" Vespertine

Edith Frost "Merry Go Round" Wonder Wonder
*Linda Thompson "From a City Balcony" Sing Me a Sad Song
*Leonard Kwan "Kanka O'Mose" Keala's Mele
Chris Thompson "The River Song" Chris Thompson
Roger McGuinn (w/Pete Seeger & Josh White Jr.) "Dink's Song" Treasures from the Folk Den
*Victor Lovera "Front Train Rider" Victor Lovera 1971

The Mometers "Nehru Jackets" It's Funny 'cause It's Far Away
*The Gwens "A Mother's Words" Devil's Cliff
His Name is Alive "Are We Still Married?" Someday, My Blues will Cover the Earth
*Mark Eitzel "Steve, I Always Knew" Live on Irene Trudel's show 4/01
*The Schramms "Yesterday Falls Away" One Hunderd Questions

*Gutbucket "Song of Seasickness" InsomniacsDream
*Blue Öyster Cult "She's as Beautiful as a Foot" Blue Öyster Cult
*Kevin Ayers "Colores Para Dolores" Too Old to Die Young: Live '72 /'75 /'76
*Jeff Lynne "Nobody Home" Armchair Theatre


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