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Playlist for July 23, 2001:

A new-ish ring to old-ish rock.





*Indicates a selection from my collection.
Sonic Catering Band "They Came from the Stars; I Saw Them" Artificial Additves
Summer Hymns "After Hours" /"Turn Here"/ "Something's Going On" A Celebratory Arm Gesture
*Love and Rockets "Kundalini Express" Express
Asteroid No.4 "Monday Morning Gloom" King Richard's Collectables
Outrageous Cherry "Shadow of My Universe" The Book of Special Projections

*The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "Smell of Incense"  
*Porcupine Tree "Where We Would Be" Lightbulb Sun
Spaceheads and Max Eastley "The Old Moon in the Young Man's Arms Interstellar Escalator in the Time of the Ancient Astronauts
"Pearls Before Swine "Translucent Carriages"  
Vinicius Cantuária "Quasi Choro" Vinicius
David Candy "redfuschatamborine&gravel"  

Chris Thompson "Her Hair was Long" Chris Thompson
Wizz Jones "Another Summertime" Lucky the Man
*Faun Fables "Shadowsound" Mother Twilight
Goblin Market "At Last" Ghostland
*Kitchen Cynics "Burning Witches" My Gothic Novel
Mark Fry "The Witch" Dreaming with Alice

*Dots Will Echo "Resident Alien"  
*Jonathan Richman "That Summer Feeling"  
*Nick Lowe "Tonight" Pure Pop for Now People
*The Gwens "A Miss Helen Welcome" /"Actin' Funny"
Barcelona "Beautiful"  
X-Girl "Sasuke" Back to the Mono Kero
Spike Priggen "Yesterday" The Very Thing that You Treaure
Ivy "Lucy Doesn't Love You" Long Distance

*The Schramms "Mary Come Lately"  
*The English Beat "Save It for Later"
*The Darling Buds "Big Head" Pop Said
*The Ramones "I Wanna Be Well"
*The Fall "Fortress" /'Deer Park" Hex Induction Hour
*Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky, Micth and Tich "The Legend of Xanadu"  
*the Move "I Can Hear the Grass Grow"  

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