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Playlist for May 21, 2001:

A return of dreams with guitarist Peter Biedermann.





*Indicates a selection from my collection.

*Therenody Ensemble "Tha Roman (formerly Valerie White) pt.2" Timbre Hollow
*Ralph Towner "The Prince and The Sage" Blue Sun
Kinski "Space Launch for Frenchie" Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle
*Bruce Kaphan "Country and Eastern" Slider
*Mark Eitzel "Without You" The Invisible Man

*Miles Davis "Guenevere" Bitches Brew Sessions

Live Performance by Peter Biedermann

This is Peter Biedermann's second appearance on WFMU, and his guitar wizardy was just as amazing as the first visit. Playing through an acoustic guitar, Biedermann manipulates the sound through a variety of effects and pedals to send us all off to some wonderful dreamspace.

Peter Biederman's latest album, "...In Theory..." is available through his website:

Hear an archive of the show!



*P.G. Six "Go your Way" (Anne Briggs) Parlour Tricks and Porch Favorites
*Robin Williamson "The Seed at Zero" The Seed at Zero
*Charlotte Grieg "Willie O'Winsbury" At Llangennith
Red House Painters "Cruiser" Old Ramon

*Radiohead "Pyramid Song" Amnesiac
Ida "Blizzard of '78" The Braille Night
*Electric Light Orchestra "10538 Overture" No Answer
*Captain Sensible "Stop the World" The Power of Love
The Ladybug Transistor "The Reclusive Hero" Argyle Heir


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