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Playlist for April 23, 2001:

Taking time to tango with Rachelle Garniez and The Fortunate Few.





*Indicates a selection from my collection.

*Charles Mingus "Ysabel's Table Dance" New Tijuana Moods
*Astor Piazzola "Milonga Loca"  
*Vinicius Cantuária "Ordinaria" Vinicius
*Dana Hanchard "El Mundo Vueltas (The World Spins) Once Canciones de Diego Luzuriega
*Trio Lligo "Coda" Trio Lligo
*Songs Froma Random House "Surface Isn't Safety" Random Numbers

Live performance by Rachelle Garniez and The Fortunate Few

(Rachelle Garniez: vocals, accordion/ Joe Ruddick: piano/ Sue Williams: bass/ Barbara Merjan: drums)

Blend a bunch of tangos, some Zydeco, large ensemble jazz and a dash of pop and you're close to describing what Rachelle Garniez does. Oh, did I mention what a whole lot of fun her songs are?

"Crazy Blood" is the second album by Rachelle Garniez and the Fortunate Few on Real Cool Records (P.O.Box 606, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012)

Hear an archive of the show!

Rachelle also programmed the next set of music from her own collection.



Leigh Harris "Midnight Star" House of Secrets
Rapture of the Deep "Four Days Later" Humpback Whale Singing
Duo Irizarry de Cordova: Sylvia Rexach "Dí Corazon" Su Musica
Anibal Velasquez "El Reglaito" La Cotorrita

*Neblung Price "Boneyard" Darker
*XTC "The Beating of Hearts" Mummer
*The Moody Blues "It's Up To You" A Question of Balance
*Shoe "Every Day Has Its Dark Parts"  
*Love "The Red Telephone" Forever Changes
*George Harrison "Isn't It a Pity" All Things Must Pass

*Jason Falkner "The Hard Way" Necessity: The Four Track Years
*The Ladybug Transistor "The Great British Spring" The Albermarle Sound
*The Spongetones "Dark Brown Eyes" Odd Fellows


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