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Playlist for March 19, 2001:

The first day of WFMU's Marathon Madness.

(Co-host: Hova)





*Indicates a selection from my collection
*Anour Brahim Trio "Blue Jewels" Astrakan Café
*Magic Carpathians Project "India Mata" Ethnocore: Nytü
*Ghost "Fukeiga" Snuffbox Immanence
Charalambides "Voice Within" Houston

*Christina Rosenvinge "Frozen Pool" Live on WFMU 1/29/01
*Iva Bittova "Driv Nez (Before)" Iva Bittova
*Rasputina "You Don't Own Me" How We Quit the Forest

*Barbez "Wisconsin" Live on WFMU 11/13/00
*Rachel's "Kentucky Nocturne" Selenography
Vinicius Cantuária "Ordinária" Vinicius
*Goldfrapp "Utopia" Felt Mountain

*Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Lady Fair" The Blue Trees
*The Move "No Time" Message from the Country
The Free Design "Springtime" Cosmic Peekaboo
D'Gary "Asmine" M'bo Loza

*Radiohead "Five Ways of Disappearing" Kid A
*Porcupine Tree "Baby Dream Cellophane" Stupid Dream
*Pink Floyd "Obscured By Clouds" Obscured By Clouds
H.P.Lovecraft "The White Ship"  

*Bubble "Had Enough" Bash Bish
*Big Lazy "Elephant Walk" Big Lazy
*Shoe "Every Day Has Its Dark Parts"  
*Chris Lee "(Please Don't Be My) Maude Gonne" Live on WFMU 9/00
*Victor Lovera and Those Guys "Sleepwalking"  

After Dinner "Cymbals at Dawn" After Dinner
The Soft Boys "Kingdom of Love" Underwater Moonlight


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