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Playlist for March 12, 2001:

Bubble makes their way down the ladder of success with a new CD.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
*Oregon "Tide Pool" Best of the Vanguard Years
*Brigitte Fontaine, Arreski, avec Art Ensemble of Chicago "Lettre a Monsieur Le Chef de Gare de la Tour Carol" Comme à la Radio
*Food "What It Seems to Be" Forever is a Dream
*The Tower Recordings "Spaceball Motorways" / "Metal Spray Cans" The Tower Recordings
*The Magic Carpathians Project "Transcarpathians" Ethnocore: Nytü

*John Fahey (R.I.P.) "Jesus is a Dying Bedmaker" America
*John Fahey "Voice of the Turtle" America
*John Fahey "Requiem for Molly (Part 1)" Requia
*John Fahey "Coelacanths" Womblife
*John Fahey "Jesus is a Dying Bedmaker (Part 2) America

*Cryptic Soup "I Woke Up in This State, and I Can't Get Out of It" Salty Pretzel Dog Logic
*The Mommyheads "Jaded" The Mommyheads
*Fountains of Wayne "Hat and Feet" Utopia Parkway
*The Hillairy Step "Midnight 1958" Knee Deep in Giants
*George Usher "The End and The Beginning" Days of Plenty
*Honeydogs "Wilson Boulevard" Here's Luck

Live performance by Bubble

(Dave Foster: vox, guitar / Tom DeVito: drums / John Spurney: keyboards, vox / Matt Lindsey: bass, vox / Rich Feridun: guitar)

The band bubble is no stranger to WFMU's airwaves. This NYC band has been on a number of times over the years, and have even appeared on a WFMU live music compilation ( ). Now they have a great new album, "Bash Bish," bursting with bubbly pop. You can get it from their website,, and find out loads about Bubble-- gigs, MP3's, pertinent facts, etc.






*Mark Humble & The Ringers "Motorcade" /"Wait and See" More
*Love Camp 7 "Runaway" Vacation Village
*Rebecca Turner "Be a Man" Be a Man
*Bubble "Be Here" Bash Bish


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