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Playlist for February 19, 2001:

Gutbucket drops by with a new album, and songs to play.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
Masada String Trio "Hadasha"  
Frigg "Døenerfressing Woman" Døenerfressing Woman
Jim Black (hidden track) Alas No Axis
Trevor Watts' Moire Music Drum Orchestra "Egugu" A Wider Embrace

Bad Brains "Banned in D.C." Black Dots
Ornette Coleman "What Reason Could I Give" The Complete Science Fiction Sessions
*Soggy Bottom Boys "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" O Brother Where Art Thou SDTK.
Fred Frith "Out of Their Heads (on Locoweed)" Guitar Solos
Tony Williams Lifetime "Vuelta Abajo"  

Live performance by Gutbucket

(Eric Rockwin: bass / Ken Thomson: sax / Paul Chuffo: drums / Ty Citterman: guitar)


Gutbucket's album, "InsomniacsDream," is available thorough their website.



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