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Playlist for January 22, 2001:

Guitarist Peter Biedermann raises acoustic guitar to an electric level.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
*Porcupine Tree "Third Eye Surfer" /""On the Sunday of Life..." /"The Nostalgia Factory" On the Sunday of Life...
*Aphrodite's Child "Aegian Sea" 666
*The James Gang "Bluebird" Yer Album
*Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbets  "Kyema Mimin" / "Kyamdro Semkye" Chö

*The John McLaughlin Trio "Reincarnation" QuéAllegría
*The Gary Burton Quartet "General Mojo's Well-Laid Plan" Duster
*Ben Monder "Sunny Manitoba" Excavation

Live Performance by guitarist Peter Biedermann

Peter Biedermann has been playing, writing and performing original music for over 25 years. His music attempts to include a combination of acoustic elements inspired by the likes of many artists including Alex deGrassi, Bert Jansch and Dan Ar Bras as well as the electric soundscapes developed by Robert Fripp, Brian Eno and Steve Tibbetts.

Peter Biedermann is also the founding member of PING and has performed original music with the band last May on Irene's show.

Peter Biedermann performed original acoustic / electric pieces on a variety of guitars from his debut recording titled "Sound & Spirit" as well as some new material that will appear on a new recording tentatively titled "...In Theory..." that will be released in the spring of 2001.

Peter's "Sound and Spirit" CD, as well as Ping's, are available through his website, which also includes upcoming gig info.:

Hear an archive of the show.




*Peter Biedermann "Resolution" Sound and Spirit
*Gutbucket "Consumption" InsomniacsDream
*Windy & Carl "Through the Portal" Windy & Carl & The Lothars
*Bert Jansch "A Woman Like You" The Gardener: Essential Bert Jansch 1965 - 71
*John Fahey "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel"  
*Robin Williamson "Vershengro" Ring Dance
*Ben Allison "Little Boy" Seven Arrows
*Club Foot Orchestra "As a Detective, He Was All Wet" /"The Dream Begins" /Buster Decides to Act" SDTK: Sherlock Junior

*Christina Rosenvinge "Sabado" Cerrado
*The Hillairy Step "Midnight 1958" Knee Deep in Giants
*George Usher "The End" Days of Plenty
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Sbia ar y seren" The Blue Trees


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