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Playlist for January 15, 2001:

A prayer for King and Passive Resistance.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
*Herbie Hancock "I Have a Dream"  
*Max Roach "Tryptich: Prayer / Protest / Peace"  
*John Coltrane "Alabama" Ken Burns Jazz
*Charles Mingus "Prayer for Passive Resistance" Pre Bird

*John Hollenbeck "The Drum Major Instinct" live on WFMU 7/3/00

*Chris Thomas Kelly "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" SDTK: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Othar Turner "Black Woman" VA: Afro-American Folk Music
*Ralph Stanley "O Death" SDTK: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
*Blind Lemon Jefferson " 'lectric Chair Blues" Best of Blind Lemon Jefferson
D'Gary "Mibaby Diavolana" Mbo Loza
Ted Hawkins "Ladder of Success" The Kershaw Sessions
*Norman Blake "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" SDTK: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

*Geoff Muldaur "Light Rain" Password
Sam McGee "Ragged Jim" Complete Recorded Works 1926 - 1934 In Chronological Order
Henry Thomas "Jonah in the Wilderness" Ragtime Texas 1927 - 1929
*Blind Blake Skeedle Loo Doo Blues" Best of Blind Blake
*Toulouse Englehardt "Fifteen Years is Twenty Up the River" /"Young Goodmand Brown Joined the Confederacy" Toullsions
Leo Kottke "Open Country Joy (Constant Traveller)" Anthology

*Peter Biedermann "The Muse" Sound & Spirit
*Dave DeCastro "Two Birds" Over the Past
*Dino Saluzzi "Romance" Cité de la Musique
*Peter Prisco "Ghost of a Chance" It's About Time

*Sean O'Hagan "C'mon Let's Go" High Llamas
*33.3 "The Odds" Plays Music
*Songs From a Random House "Sheltered Life" Random Numbers
*The Hillary Step "Olio" Knee Deep in Giants
*Bubble "Be Here" Bash Bish


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