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Playlist for January 8, 2001:

...and then a comfortable closeness settled in the room.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
Archer Prewitt "Gerroa" Gerroa Songs
Steven R. Smith "Cities" Slate Branches
Blacklight Braille "Knights in Black Steel" In a Dark Garden
*Magic Carpet "La La" Magic Carpet
Sviraj "Make donsko Devojce (Macedonian Girl)" Ciganine
The Opera Cycle "...Two of Two" Warrior

*Ben Monder "Windowpane" Excavation
*Radiohead "In Limbo" Kid A
*Peter Biedermann "Feel" Sound & Spirit
Dakota Suite "Signal Hill" Signal Hill

Ben Vida EGC#ABD and EADG 090999 mpls.
*Invert "Glass Eye & I" Invert
*Jeff Buckley "Lilac Wine" Mystery White Boy * Live '95-'96
*Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Take a Pebble" Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Anneli Drecker & Simon Raymonde "Morning Glory" (7")
*Fiona Joyce "Your Love is All" This Eden
*Christina Rosenvinge "Glue" Frozen Pool
*Jefferson Airplane "Good Shepherd" Volunteers
*Alice Bierhorst "Lovable" Liberty Heights
*Dave DeCastro "Where She Goes" Over the Past

*Richard X. Heyman "A Little Drive" Heyman, Hoosier & Herman
*Utopia "Windows" Oops! Wrong Planet
Wolf Roxon "Dark Side of My Sun"  
*The Gwens "Dear Florence" demos
*Bubble "Be Here" Bash Bish

*The Gripweeds "Is It Showing?" live on WFMU 12/11/00
*Cheap Trick "Say Goodbye" Cheap Trick
*The Byrds "Mr. Tambourine Man" live Untitled / Unissued
*NRBQ "Only You" Scraps
John Sebastian "Night Owl Cafe" Tar Beach
Mimi Parker "When YOu Walked Out On Me" VA: The Shanti Project Collection


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