May 9, 1998
The Jack Mormons, "Greasy Kid Stuff"
Natalie Merchant, Mark Bingham, Michael Stipe, and the Roches, "Little April Shower"
Shonen Knife, "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head"
They Might Be Giants with Laura Cantrell, "The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)"
Optiganally Yours, "Spanish Flea"
The Charles River Valley Boys, "Yellow Submarine"
The Shrinky Dinks, "Fee Fi Fo, Fee Fi Fum"
[Not Soupy Sales], "The Mouse"
The Mr. T Experience, "Spiderman"
The Dickies, "Eep Opp Ork (Uh, Uh)"
Lou Monte, "Pepino the Italian Mouse"
Jonathan Richman, "Up in the Sky Sometime"
The Dentists, "Space Man"
The Jetsons, "Rama Rama Zoom"
Rick Schulman, "The Ballad of Gumby"
The Surf Trio, "Surfin' Cat"
The Surfaris, "Surfer Joe"
The Hesitations, "Surfin' School"
"Unbirthday Song" (from Alice in Wonderland)
Juliana Hatfield & Tonya Donelly, "Josie & the Pussycats"
"Godzilla's Fight" (from Gozilla vs. Hedorah)
Iris, "Ice Cream Man"
Junior Varsity, "Two Scoops"
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, "Double Chocolate Malted"
Supernova, "Mommy"
Susie Honeyman, "Bus"
Elvis Presley, "Teddy Bear"
Fred Lane & His Hittite Hot Shots, "The French Toast Man"
David from Sesame Street, "The Arm"
Rudy Robinson & the Hungry 5, "Mut-Ley Doing the Crawlpen"
Cab Calloway, "Twee-Twee-Tweet"
Fred Astaire, "The Yam Step"

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