Mr. Finewine's Playlists for July, 2001

July 6, 2001 Potato promise reiterated!
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The SS Band, Movin' Along (instrumental)
Johnny Daye, A Lot of Progress
Ike Lovely, I Want It All
The Winstons, Amen Brother (instrumental)
The Impressions, You've Got Me Runnin'
The Olympics, No More Will I Cry
The Titans, Sweet and Sour (instrumental)
Bobby Sax & the Housekeepers, I've Got Someplace to Go
Fred Hughes, Don't Let This Happen to Us
The Krystal Generation, Good Man
Lee Austin, Screwdriver
Edwin Starr, My Kind of Woman
Otis Clay, It's Easier Said Than Done
Willie Mitchell, My Babe (instrumental)
Lucille Mathis, I'm Not Your Regular Woman
Shelly Fisher, I'll Leave You (Girl)
Margie Hendrix, Don't Destroy Me
Chris Harris & the Soul Agents, You Really Fooled Me
Bessie Banks, Go Now
Larry Birdsong, Diggin' Your Potatoes
Marva Whitney, You Got to Have a Job (If You Don't Work You Can't Eat)
Bobby Smith & the Boo Kous, That Thing Is Green

July 13, 2001 Mr. C's thing!
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July 20, 2001 Howard Tate concert preview! K Doe memorial set!
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The Firebirds, Zip It Down and Throw It Out (instrumental)
Robert Moore, Jo Ann
Ruff Francis, Give Me Mercy
Nelson Sanders, Mojo Man
Eddie James, Her Mamma Won't Leave Us Alone
Larry Carlton, Son of a Preacher Man (instrumental)
Howard Tate, Ain't Nobody Home, Baby I Love You, Stop, Look at Granny Run Run
The Soul Angels, The Ladies Choice
Francine King, Two Fools
Sweet Bobby & Honey Boy, Watch the One Who's Talking
Thelma Jones, The House That Jack Built
James Fountain, My Hair Is Nappy
Syl Johnson, Don't Give It Away
Jesse G., A Two Faced Friend Is No Good
Memphis Studio Band, Otis Jam (instrumental)
Tommy Turner, I'll Be Gone
Bunny Sigler, Sunny Sunday
Joe Hicks, I Gotta Be Free
Ernie K Doe, Dancing Man, Popeye Joe, Beatin' Like a Tom Tom, Gotta Pack My Bag

July 27, 2001 No show

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