Mr. Finewine's Playlists for June, 2001

June 8, 2001 Broadway sissies, Hamtramck mechanics, etc.!
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George Young & the Youngsters, Mechanic from Hamtramck (instrumental)
Peg Leg Moffett, The Shocker
The Barons, I've Got a Feeling
Roscoe & Friends, Broadway Sissy
Chuck Colbert, Oof
The Hifidelics, Quiptown (instrumental)
Marie Queenie Lyons, See and Don't See
The Parliaments, I'll Wait
Erma Franklin, Don't Wait Too Long
The Van Dykes, Save My Love for a Rainy Day
E.J. Rush, Stick Tight (To Me)
Lonnie Lester & Chuck Danzy, Ain't That a Shame
The Soul Toranodoes, Hot Pants Breakdown
Johnny King & the Fatback Band, Keep On Brother, Keep On
Tommy Bass, (I Can't Help It) This Is My Thing
Sean (Mr. Esquire) Taylor & the Vic Pitts Cheaters, Never Do I Worry
The Versatones, With a Broken Heart
The Touch, Pick & Shovel (instrumental)
Charley Chuck, Disc Jockey Rap
Mutt & Jeffo, Soul L-O-V-E-R
Freddy Wilson, Promise Land

June 15, 2001 Miniskirt sightings prompt last-minute playlist additions!
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The Electrostats, 21st Century Kenya (instrumental)
The Attractions, Burn Up Some Road
Joe Swift's Internationals, Bell Bottoms
Frankie Coe, Get It Jerk The Cold Water Army, One Time Around (instrumental)
Big Ella, Come Back Home
Martin's Mustangs, Funky Boardwalk (instrumental)
Little Willie Jones, You're Welcome to Try
Henry Brooks, Mini Skirts
Groundhog, Take It Off
Elizabeth Garner, Young Sexy Woman
The Soul Brothers Inc., Girl in the Hot Pants
Otis Goodwin, Mini Skirt
Booker T. Averheart, Maxi Midi (instrumental)
L.C. Steels, Losin' Boy
The Classitors, Gettin' Together Man
A.C. Reed, My Baby's Been Cheating
Francine King, Dirty Man
Jimmy Robins, I Can't Please You
Eugene Blacknell, Gettin' Down (instrumental)
The Fantasies, Mesmerizer (Pt. 1)
Sunny Ridell, Soul 100 (Pt. 1)
Dede Soul & the Spidells, Soul Chills (Pt. 1)

June 22, 2001 Miniskirt sightings prompt last-minute playlist additions!
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The Phinxs, Street Jam (Pt. 1) (instrumental)
Willie Harper, But I Couldn't
Shirley & Jessie, You Can't Fight Love
Al Fayard, Doin' Sumpthin' (Pt. 2)
Berna Dean, I Don't Know
The Stokes, Crystal Ball (instrumental)
Chuck Cornish, A Tribute to Muhammad Ali
The Samfords, Chopin Was Nice
Chris Kenner, They Took My Money
Lee Dorsey, Hoodlum Joe
Senator Jones, Call the Sheriff
Mac Rebennack, The Point (instrumental)
Ernie K-Doe, I'm the Boss
Sammy King, Ain't That Satisfaction
Dave Bartholomew, People Are Talking
Shirley Raymond, What a Wedding Day
Oliver Morgan, Who Shot the La La?
John Williams & the Tick Tocks, A Little Tighter
Gentleman June Gardner, It's Gonna Rain
Benny Spellman, It's for You
Marty Lewis, I Can't Do Without You
Jesse Thomas, Bases Are Loaded
Curly Moore, They Gonna Do What They Wanna Do
James Rivers, It's All Over (instrumental)
Allen Toussaint, Go Back Home

June 29, 2001 Can't get enough of that New Orleans stuff!
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The Meters, Joog (instrumental)
Robert Parker, Funky Soul Train
Danny White, Natural Soul Brother
Sonny Jones, Sissy Walk (Pt. 1)
Roger & the Gypsies, Pass the Hatchet (Pt. 2)
Alvin Robinson, Down Home Girl
Cyril Neville, What's on Your Mind
Tony Owens, I Got Soul
Jackie Avery, I Got Love
Chris Kenner, All Night Rambler (Pt. 2)
Warren Lee, Direct From the Ghetto
Eddie Bo, The Rubber Band (Pt. 1)
The Meters, Stretch Your Rubber Band
Curly Moore & the Kool Ones, Shelley's Rubber Band
Curly Moore, Soul Train
Mary Jane Hooper, I've Got Reasons
Little Buck, Little Boy Blue
Francine King, The Grapevine Can't Tell You
David Robinson, I'm a Carpenter
Soul Powers, Soul Power (instrumental)
Willie Harper, You You
Betty Harris, There's a Break in the Road
Shindig Smith & the Soul Shakers, Through Fooling Around (Pt. 2)

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