Mr. Finewine's Playlists for April, 2001

April 6, 2001 Bluesyish!
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The Granby Street Redevelopment, Jelly Roll (instrumental)
Lester Young, Let Your Love Shine
Kenny Ballard, It Sure Looks Good
Delores Ealy, I've Been Looking
Buddy Guy, The Treasure Untold
Ricky Allen, Just Me and You
Shelly Fisher, I'll Leave You Girl
Robert Jay, Alcohol (Part 2)
Mr. Bo & His Blues Boys, Night Walkers (instrumental)
Gene Anderson, The Loneliest One
The Big Daddy Graham Trio, Tightening Your Popcorn
U.S. Warren & the Genghis Pea, Hard Headed Woman
King Earnest, The Soul Stroke (Can You Handle It)
Danny Freeman, Jungle Walk
The Soulsetters, Can You Dig It (instrumental)
Lee Moses, Never in My Life
Jesse Anderson, Mighty Mighty (instrumental)
Revolution Compared to What, Go to Work
Lorraine Jackson, Take It Where You Found It
Towanda Barnes, (You Better) Find Someone to Love
The Soul Merchants, Dynamite
Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers, Strange Happenings

April 13, 2001 Fumigating Broadway!
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Cecil Garrett & the Fascinations, Bearcat (instrumental)
Tony Owens, I'll Be There
Billy LaMont, So Called Friend
Timmy Willis, I'm a Man
Big Ella, It Takes a Lot of Loving
Andre Williams, Soul Party a Go Go (instrumental)
The Showmen Inc., The Tramp (From Funky Broadway)
Bobby Patterson, Broadway Ain't Funky No More
Chris Kenner, Fumigate Funky Broadway
Huey Smith & the Clowns, You Got Too (Part 2)
Betty Harris, Lonely Hearts
Willie Tee, You Better Say Yes
The Mar-Keys, Grab This Thing (Part 2) (instrumental)
The Dynamic Corvettes, It's a Trap
The Cold Water Army, One Time Around (instrumental)
The Third Party, Such a Soul Says
The Players, Get Right
James Knight & the Butlers, Save Me
Funky Munk, Don't Blame Me (instrumental)
Raymond Winnfield, Things Could Be Better
Darrow Fletcher, My Judgment Day
The Falcons, I'm a Fool I Must Love You

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