Mr. Finewine's Playlists for March, 2001

March 2, 2001 The Professor takes to the lectern!

March 9, 2001 Showing solidarity with the Mardi Gras revelers!
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Willie Weems & the Outlaws, Greens (instrumental)
Betty Harris, Trouble With My Lover
B.B. Daddy, Down in a Bag
Willie West, Fairchild
Huey Piano Smith, The Whatcha Call 'Em
Warren Lee, Mama Said We Can't Get Married
Eddie Bo, If It's Good to You, It's Good for You (Pt. 1)
Calvin Owens, The Cat (instrumental)
Little Ann, Going Down a One-Way Street (The Wrong Way)
Pic & Bill, It's Not You
Little Milton, Sometimey
Edith Brown, You Did It
Simtec Simmons, Limber Up (instrumental)
Edwin Starr, Has It Happened to You Yet
Shep, Fool to Fool
The New Holidays, My Baby Ain't No Plaything
The Hesitations, Soul Kind of Love
Edith Brown, You Think Love Is Something to Play With
The Virtues, Meditation of the Soul (instrumental)
Chris Kenner, Get on This Train
Curley Moore, Soul Train
Francine King, Two Fools
The Right Kind, My Money Is Funny (instrumental)

March 16, 2001 I'm in Philadelphia, but my heart's in Detroit!
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Frankie Luv, Frankie's L.A. Stomp (Pt. 1)
The Objectives, Love Went Away
Deloris Ealy, I've Been Looking
Sir Guy & the Speller Bros. Band, Let Home Cross Your Mind (Pt. 2)
King George & the Fabulous Souls, Baby I've Got It
Ike Noble, That's What I Get
Arthur Griswold, Pretty Mama Blues
Show Stoppers, Shake Your Mini (instrumental)
Buddy Lamp, Just a Little Bit of Loving
Silky Hargreaves, Hurt by Love
The Professionals, That's Why I Love You
Melvin Davis, I Must Love You
J.J. Barnes, Please Let Me In
The Parliaments, A New Day Begins
Louis Curry, I'll Try Again Tomorrow
Evans Clark & Hermon Weems, A Brighter World (instrumental)
Third Position Trio, The Gator Party
Jay Morton, Alligator Strut
Alvin Cash & the Registers, Stone Thing
Billy Nichols, Shake a Leg
E.T. White & His Great Potential Band, Funky Soul Shake
Guitar Ray, Funky Pete (Pt. 1)
James Crawford, Fat Eddie (instrumental)

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