Mr. Finewine's Playlists for February, 2001

February 2, 2001 Mostly Greg's records, but I slip a few in!
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Larry & the Zodiacs, "Screw Driver" (instrumental)
Jimmy Willis, "Soul Power (Pt. 1)"
Eddie G. Giles, "Soul Feeling (Pt. 1)"
Henry Lumpkin, "Soul Is Taking Over"
The Starlights, "Bootleg" (instrumental)
Sam Ward, "Sister Lee"
Kenny Carlton, "Lost and Found"
The Volumes, "Ain't Gonna Give You Up"
Chuck Henley, "Broken Heart"
Otis Brown, "Southside Chicago"
Jimmy Raye, "You Must Be Losing Your Mind"
Skip Jackson, "I'm Onto You Girl"
The Masters, "I've Made a Mistake"
The Imperial C's, "Someone Tell Her"
Ida Sands, "Start All Over Again"
Lee Fields, "Tyra's Song"
Mel Britt, "She'll Come Running Back"
The Detroit Executives, "Cool Off"
Grant Street Exit, "I Got Soul"
Marcel Strong, "Trying to Make Up"
The Suspicions, "Soul Beat" (instrumental)
Gloria Brown, "Looking For My Baby"
George Young, "Mechanic From Hamtramck" (instrumental)

February 9, 2001 Wherein I play a bunch of depressing ones in a row!
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Holly Maxwell, "Philly Barracuda (Pt. 2)" (instrumental)
Otis Bush & the Crusaders, "Sock 'Em With a Good Foot"
Chris Bernard, "Good Hearted Woman"
The Sister & Brothers, "The Jed Clampett (Pt. 1)"
Chet Ivey, "Bad on Bad"
The Joneses, "You Better Get It" (instrumental)
Joyce Kennedy, "The Hi-Fi Albums and I"
The Ohio Players, "Bad Bargain"
The Reverend O.C. Tolbert & the Blues Congregation, "Hard Times"
The Profonix, "Ain't No Sun"
Gladys Knight & the Pips, "Everybody Needs Love"
Lou Rawls, "Dead End Street"
The Falcons, "Love Look in Her Eyes"
Bob Wilson, "In the Midnight Hour" (instrumental)
El Pooks, "I Could Do the Impossible"
Eddie C. Campbell, "Moon Walk"
Eddie Floyd, "Big Bird"
The Presidents, "Which Way"
Lord Sundance, "Pretty Lord Sundance (Pt. 1)"
Willie Tomlin, "Check Me Baby"
The Pat Holben Trio, "Keep On Truckin' " (instrumental)

February 16, 2001 Soul sisters, a chicken, a penguin, and a goose!
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The French Connection, Penguin Talk (instrumental)
Frank Wilson, Do I Love You
The Valentinos, Sweeter Than the Day Before
The Four Voices, Your Love Is Getting Stronger
Otis Leavill, It's the Same Old Me
Barbara Acklin, Am I the Same Girl
The Velvelettes, Come On Home (Let Love Live)
Victoria Williams & J.B. Ledbetter, Show Some Sign
The Relations, Puddin-N-Tang Is My Name
Allen Toussaint, Soul Sister
Robert Parker, Soul Sister
Preston Love, Funky Chicken (instrumental)
E.T. White & the Great Potential Band, Psycho
Isaac Clark, Do the Dog Funk
James Big Sambo Young & the House Wreckers, Barkin' Up the Wrong Tree
Little Mack, Goose Walk
Gino Washington, Foxy Walk (instrumental)
Archie Bell & the Drells, Do the Choo Choo
The Commodores, Rise Up
The Du-Kays, Mellow Fezneckey
The Rivingtons, Just Got to Be More
Simtec Simmons, Cooling It Down (instrumental)

February 23, 2001 Mr. C shoots his shot!

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