Mr. Finewine's Playlists for January, 2001

January 5, 2001 Wherein I debut the new Sugarman 3 single!
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The Bad Boys, "Black Olives" (instrumental)
Dottie Cambridge, "He's About a Mover"
Ernie K-Doe, "Gotta Pack My Bag"
The Intensions, "I Don't Get Down Like That"
Lonnie & Floyd, "What You Gonna Do"
The Sugarman 3, "Solid Funk" (instrumental)
Buddy Lamp, "Where Have You Been"
Joe Hicks, "Don't It Make You Feel Funky"
Bobby Lacour, "Hippie Joe"
Pervis Lavawn, "Soul Dance No. 3"
Chuck Carbo, "Can I Be Your Squeeze"
Hoctor Records Band, "Cissy Strut" (instrumental)
Billy Kennedy, "This Is a Groovy Generation"
J.J. Barnes, "Sweet Sherry"
Betty Lavette, "You'll Never Change"
Oliver Morgan, "Once Upon a Time (Pt. 2)"
Little George Jr., "That's the Thanks I Get"
Billy Frazier, "Oh, Baby (Look at Me)"
Lonnie Lester & Chuck Danzy, "Ain't That a Shame"
Al White & the Hi-Liters, "Them Drums"
Angie Hester, "Bump Step"
L.G. & the Incredible Soul Seekers, "Big Head" (instrumental)

January 12, 2001 Two H.B. Barnum songs about pizza!
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Willie Mitchell, "The Champion" (instrumental)
Chuck Colbert, "Oof"
Marvin & the Uptights, "Ooomph"
Nelson Calloway with Big Jay Bush & the House Rockers, "Funky Horns"
Darker Shades LTD, "Trackin' Down Jody"
Mickey & the Soul Generation, "Get Down Brother"
Mel Brown, "Swamp Fever" (instrumental)
The Furys, "I Lost My Baby"
The Emperors, "Searchin' "
Lou Lawton, "I Am Searching (For My Baby)"
The Fantastic Four, "Can't Stop Looking for My Baby"
Walter Foster, "Your Search Is Over"
Darrow Fletcher, "Gonna Keep Loving You"
Jean Wells, "With My Love and What You've Got"
Ike Lovely, "I Want It All"
Mickey Murray, "I Can't Tell You"
Maceo & All the King's Men, "Got to Getcha"
Jesse & the Mel-o-Tones, "You Best Give It Up" (instrumental)
Eric & the Vikings, "Hurting"
Roosevelt Grier, "Pizza Pie Man"
Dudley, "El Pizza"

January 19, 2001 Mr. C does that thing he does!

January 26, 2001 Funky from the get-go, then less so!
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The Bob Hopkins Orchestra, "Funky From the Get-Go" (instrumental)
All the People, "Cramp Your Style"
Soul Combination, "Soul Combination"
Kickin' Mustangs, "Kickin' "
The Savonics, "Soul Groove"
The Firebirds, "Zip It Down and Throw It Out" (instrumental)
Jimmy Ruffin, "Lonely Lonely Man Am I"
Eddie & Ernie, "Outcast"
The Four Voices, "We Live in the Ghetto"
The Soul Messengers, "That Girl"
The Cinnamon Suns, "Funkapy" (instrumental)
Luvenia Lewis, "Find a Man That Satisfies"
The Belles, "Don't Pretend"
Ronnie Taylor, "I Can't Take It"
Marvin L. Sims, "Get Off My Back"
Mickey and Ernie, "Soulin' (Till the Sun Rise)"
Robert Walker & the Soul Strings, "Stick to Me"
L.J. Waiters, "I'm a Lonely Man"
Larry Darnell, "Son of a Son of a Slave"
Naomi Davis & the Knights of 41st Street, "Forty-First Street Breakdowne"
Ruff Francis & the Illusions, "Give Me Mercy"
David Battiste & the Gladiators, "Funky Soul (Pt. 1)" (instrumental)
James Carr, "A Message to Young Lovers"

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