Mr. Finewine's Playlists for December, 2000

December 1, 2000 I'm back with a vengeance!
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The Brothers Seven, Funky Smunk (instrumental)
The Rhythm King, Party Time (Part 1)
Jerry O, Get a Line
Jay Morton, Alligator Strut
The Impressions, We're a Winner
The Elephant Band, Stone Penguin (instrumental)
Edwin Starr, You're My Mellow
Art Freeman, Slipping Around With You
The New Yorkers, Don't Want to Be Your Fool
Nelson Sanders, Tired of Being Your Fool
The Isley Brothers, All Because I Love You
The Dramatics, Your Love Was Strange
Johnny Griffith, Do It (instrumental)
Lee Moses, Day Tripper (instrumental)
Thomas East, Just a Trip
Little Oscar, The Message
Shades of Time, Can You Dig It
Spot & the Blotters, Circulating
The Holidays, Easy Living
Freddy Wilson, Where Is She?
Leon Austin, Steal Away
Willie Kendrick, You Can't Bypass Love

December 8, 2000 The triumphant initial spin of that big record I lost and replaced!
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Chuck Bernard, "Wasted" (instrumental)
James Moore, "Feet"
Marva Josie, "Crazy Stockings"
Emanuel Laskey, "I've Got to Run for My Life"
Johnny Moore, "Walk Like a Man"
Reggie Smith, "Soul Walkin' "
The Joneses, "You Better Get It" (instrumental)
The Chambers Brothers, "Uptown"
The Seven Souls, "Groove In"
The Royal Kings, "Let's Do the Tighten Up"
Lloyd Hendricks, "The Sno-Cone"
Charlie Simmons & the Royal Imperials, "Do the Sissy" The TMGs, "The Hatch" (instrumental)
The Aztecs, "Damelo Baby"
Rulie Garcia & the East L.A. Congregation, "Sabrosito"
Bobby Valentin, "Use It Before You Lose It"
J.J. Barnes, "Snowflakes"
The Superlatives, "She's My Wonder Woman"
The Double O Demingos, "Storm Warning (Pt. 2)"
Bootsy Phelps & Complete Strangers, "Fun in Your Thang (Pt. 1)"
Johnny Cameron & the Camerons, "Funky John" (instrumental)
General Crook, "Do It for Me"
The Soul Partners, "Hot Mama" (instrumental)

December 15, 2000 A few vague election tie-ins!
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Bo Dud & Johnny Twist, "Soul Election"
Davis & Joe, "Double Bad" (instrumental)
Ike & Tina Turner, "Don't Lie to Me"
Bobby Patterson, "If You Took a Survey"
Deacon Lee & the Prophets, "Bad"
The Odd Squad & the Soulistics, "The Row"
Johnny Copeland, "Sufferin' City"
Bonnie Floyd & the Original Untouchables, "I'm Just a Poor Boy"
Leonard Lee, "I'm a Poor Boy (With Millions)"
Curtis Davis, "Your Love and My Money"
The Mod Squad, "Charge"
L.A. Jones, "I'm Movin' On" (instrumental)
Ray Scott & the Scottsmen, "Feeling No Pain"
Francis Nero, "Keep On Lovin' Me"
Garnet Mimms, "All About Love"
Lee Moses, "If Loving You Is a Crime (I'll Always Be Guilty)"
Willie Hutch, "How Come Baby You Don't Love Me"
The LPTs, "Mo Soul" (instrumental)
Buddy Conner, "Half Way Lovin' "
Edwin Starr, "Has It Happened to You Yet"
Eddie James, "Her Mama Won't Leave Us Alone"
The Pac-Keys, "Dig In" (instrumental)

December 22, 2000 Mr. C does his thing!

December 29, 2000 Wherein my voodoo is barely working!
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The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, "65 Bars and a Taste of Soul" (instrumental)
George Jackson, "Don't Use Me"
Maggie Thrett, "Soupy"
Z.Z. Hill, "Gimme Gimme"
Nelson Sanders, "Your Sweet Love"
Bo Jr., "Coffee Pot (Pt. 1)" (instrumental)
Saxie Russell, "El Monkey"
Charles Sheffield, "It's Your Voodoo Working"
Dolly & the Fashions, "The Right One"
Young Jessie, "You Were Meant for Me"
Leroy Harris, "I'm Gonna Get You"
Al Brisco Clark & His Orchestra, "Soul Food (Pt. 1)"
Clark Terry & Chico O'Farrill, "Spanish Rice"
Otis Clay, "Baby Jane"
Little Jimmy Edward, "Slapping Some Soul Upon Me"
The Sticks of Dynamite, "It's Football Baby"
Jimmy Preacher Ellis, "Work With What You Got"
Sir Sidney Wallace & the Belairs, "Green Power"
The Showmen Inc., "The Tramp (Pt. 1)"
The Pac-Keys, "Stone Fox" (instrumental)
Spot & the Blotters, "Circulating"
The Black on White Affair, "Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother"
Roscoe & Friends, "Broadway Sissy"

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