Mr. Finewine's Playlists for November, 2000

November 3, 2000 Live at the record fair!
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Booker T. Averheart, Heart n Soul (instrumental)
Otis Bush & the Crusaders, Sock Em With a Good Foot
James & the Incredible Showmen, James Brown Boo Ga Loo (instrumental)
King Louie & the Court Jesters, Broadway Uptight
Chet Poison Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers, Shake a Poo Poo
Chocolate Glass, Joseph Holly (instrumental)
Chuck Colbert, Oof
Jimmy Brown, Chain of Fools (instrumental)
Pervis Lavawn, Crossiní Over
Timmy Thomas, Have Some Boogaloo
The Hesitations, Soul Superman
Mr. Wiggles, Fatback Time
Frankie Coe, Get It Jerk
Otis Goodwin, Mini Skirt
Eddie Bo, Weíre Doiní It (Thang)
Soul Powers, Soul Power (instrumental)
Delores Ealy, Itís About Time That I Made a Change
Mary Jane Hooper, Iíve Got Reasons
Kim Tolliver, I Caught You
Ann Robinson, You Did It
King George, Baby Iíve Got It
The Fabulous Shalimars, Funky Line (Part 1)

November 10, 2000 Wherein I promise to someday do an all-potato show!
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Mr. Pitiful & the Ghettos, Ghetto Stroll (instrumental)
Charlie & Joe, Soul Introduction
Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers, You Donít Need No Help (You Can Sock It to Yourself)
Lorraine Chandler, I Canít Change
Johnny Guitar Watson, Ainít Gonna Move
Hindal Butts, In the Pocket (instrumental)
Daddy Kae & Yvonne, Eleven Commandments of Woman
The Ikettes, Camel Walk
Ricky Allen, Just Me and You
Gus Jenkins, Souliní (instrumental)
Ralph Jackson, Donít Tear Yourself Down
Ann Sexton, Youíve Been Gone Too Long
Little Richie, Just Another Heartache
Oliver Bush, Please Come Back My Love (Part 2)
Freddy Wilson, What Would It Be Like (Part 1)
Dennis on Drums, Black Beauty #2
Seven From Eleven, Strawberry Snow Cone (Part 2) (instrumental)
Lee Moses, Got That Will
Arelean Brown, I Broken Many Hearts
Claude & Samuel, Potatoes
Billy Guy & the Odds n Ends, Lookiní Like a Nut Nut
Jean & Joe, Donít Shoot Me Down

November 17, 2000 Mr. C. fills in! No playlist available!
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November 24, 2000 Yancy fills in! No playlist available!
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