Mr. Finewine's Playlists for October, 2000

October 6, 2000 Wherein I respond to criticism by playing a ballad!
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Artist unknown, Uncle Fester's Blues (instrumental)
Ike & Tina Turner, Two Is a Couple
Joe Johnson, Rattlesnake, Baby, Rattlesnake
Harold Burrage, Fifty/Fifty
Professor Shake Em Up, Why You Wanna Love Me
King Curtis & the Kingpins, Popcorn Willie (instrumental)
Otis Bush & the Crusaders, Sock Em With a Good Foot
Al Trahan, Can I Feel It
Idris Muhammad, Super Bad (instrumental)
Dave Mitchell & the Screamers, The Trip
The Metros, Since I Found My Baby
Martinís Mustangs, The Boardwalk (instrumental)
The Rivingtons, Deep Water
Azie Mortimer, You Canít Take It Away
Pearl Dowell, Good Things
Lee Sain, How Soul Was Born
Herman Hitson, I Got That Will
Sir Mack Rice, Love Sickness
Brice Coefield, Cha Cha Twist
Hank Marr, Marrsanova (instrumental)
Lonnie Brooks, The Popeye

October 13, 2000 Only one Friday the 13th song!
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The South Suburban Rhythm Section, Libras Really Do Run It? (instrumental)
Hank Carbo, Bad Luck
Norman West, What Kind of Spell
Little Jimmy Scott, It Rained 40 Days and 40 Nights
The John Schroeder Orchestra, Agent Double O Soul (instrumental)
The Houseguests, My Mind Set Me Free
The Inclines, The Hippie
The Soul President, Got to Have It
The Soul Ones, Soul Pot
Count Yates, At the Soul In (Part 2) (instrumental)
Alvin Cash, Moaniní and Groaniní
The Maskman & the Agents, The World Is a Cafeteria
Milton Floyd, Iím Hungry for Love
WDJ the Prince of Soul, Funky Loving
David Batiste & the Gladiators, Funky Soul (Part 1) (instrumental)
WDJ the Prince of Soul, Invitation to Love
Betty Bibbs, First Come First Served
Tony Talent, Gotta Tell Somebody
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Point It Out
Bobby Sax & the New Messiah, Out House (Part 1)
Anthony Burns, Doing What You Need to Do (Part 1)

October 20, 2000 Mr. C fills in! No playlist available!
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October 27, 2000 Token Halloween observance! Louisiana stuff!
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John Hill, Bug Eyes (instrumental)
Paul Sindab, You Dropped Your Candy in the Sand
Gene Waiters, Shake and Shingaling
Thomas Henry, You Got to Have a Thing
Tommy Bass, (I Canít Help It) This Is My Thing
York Wilbornís Psychedelic Six, Thank You (instrumental)
A Fascinating Musical Experience, The Monster
Louis Jones, The Birds Is Coming
Jimmy Castor, Psycho Man
Gene Bowlegs Miller, Frankenstein Walk
The Invincibles, Itís That Love of Mine
Pic & Bill, Itís Not You
Rodger Collins, Direct Me
Johnny Newbag, Got to Get You Back
Ray Pettis, Donít Use Me
The Highlighters, Lulu (instrumental)
Benny Spellman, Stickiní Witcha Baby
Elmer Parker, Goiní to Louisiana
King Solomon, Louisiana Groove
Gus the Groove Lewis, Let the Groove Move You
Elmer and Brenda Parker, Got to Get Back to Louisiana

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