Mr. Finewine's Playlist for September 29, 2000
Tramps & reformed tramps!

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Lionel Hampton, Greasy Greens (instrumental)
William Bell, Just As I Thought
Pearl Woods, Something Touched Me
Derek Martin, Don't Put Me Down Like This
Johnny Nash, Strange Feeling
Benny Poole, Sorry Bout That (instrumental)
Margie Hendrix, I Call You Lover But You Ain't Nothing But a Tramp
A.C. Reed, Boogaloo Tramp
B.B. Brown, Low Down Dirty Tramp
Lowell Fulsom, Make a Little Love
Dave Baby Cortez, Belly Rub (Pt. 1) (instrumental)
Saxie Russell, El Monkey
James Brown, I've Got Money
The Isley Brothers, Testify (Pt. 1)
The Contours, Whole Lotta Woman
Irene & the Scotts, I'm Stuck on My Baby
Red Prysock, Groovy Sax (instrumental)
Walter Rhodes, A Message to My Woman
Lee Rogers, I Want You to Have Everything
James Brown, The Bells
Johnny West, Tears Baby
Leon Mitchison, Kash-Boo-Wee-Yah (instrumental)

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