Mr. Finewine's Playlist for August 25, 2000
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The Birds of Paradise, Bossa Blueport (instrumental)
King Coleman, Do the Boo Ga Loo
Harvey Clark & the Dawn Monet Singers, Do Your Own Thing
Landlord & Tenants, Sagittarius (Pt. 1) (instrumental)
Gene Faith, Family Man
Laura Lee, Mama's Got a Good Thing
The Brothers & Sisters, Shake a Lady
Thomas East, Sister Funk
The Fabulous Counts, Pack of Lies (instrumental)
Lil Willie, Crazy Stomp
Johnny Adams, Spunky Onions
Willie Weems & the Outlaws, Snuff Time
Bo Dud & Johnny Twist, The Get-It
Wiley Terry, Joker Wild Dance
Curtis Griffin, I Gotta Lump
Third Guitar, Baby Don't Cry
The Young Disciples & Co., Crumbs From the Table
Jesse Anderson, Get Loose When You Get Loose
Willie James, Stand Up for Your Rights
Freddie Wilson, What Would It Be Like

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