Mr. Finewine's Playlist for August 11, 2000
Lebaron Taylor, R.I.P.: The Music of Revilot

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Darrell Banks, Open the Door to Your Heart
Darrell Banks, Somebody Somewhere (Needs You)
Rose Battiste, I Miss My Baby
The Holidays, Love’s Creeping Up on Me
Rose Battiste, Come Back in a Hurry
Little Sonny, Latin Soul (instrumental)
The Parliaments, (I Wanna) Testify
Jackie Beavers, Love That Never Grows Cold
The Holidays, I Know She Cares
The Parliaments, All Your Goodies Are Gone
Ronnie Taylor, I Can't Take It
The Parliaments, Little Man
J.J. Barnes, Hold On to It
The Parliaments, Look At What I Almost Missed
J.J. Barnes, Our Love Is in the Pocket
The Parliaments, Time
Little Sonny, Stretchin’ Out (instrumental)
Terry Felton, You're Welcome Back
J.J. Barnes, So Called Friends
The Holidays, All That Is Required Is You
Little Sonny, We Got a Groove
The Parliaments, A New Day Begins

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