Mr. Finewine's Playlist for August 4, 2000
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George Semper, Shortnin Bread (instrumental)
E. Rodney Jones, R&B Time (Pt. 1)
King Curtis, Jump Back
Lee Harris, Skate Boogaloo & Karate Too
The Starlights, Bootleg (instrumental)
Jim Pipkins & the Boss Five, Mr. CC
Otis Clay, Baby Jane
Betty Gouché, What More Can I Ask For
Jesse Anderson, Readings in Astrology
The Marvelettes, My Baby Must Be a Magician
The Fantasies, Mesmerizer (Pt. 2)
Pepe Fernandez, Having Fun
The Coasters, Cool Jerk
Willie Baby, Hot Buns (Pt. 2) (instrumental)
Freddie & the Kinfolk, Mashed Potato Pop Corn
Lacy Gibson, I'm Gonna Unmask the Batman
Ray Sharpe, Help Me (Get the Feeling) (Pt. 1)
O.V. Wright, Oh Baby Mine
Jimmy Brown, Chain of Fools (instrumental)
Betty Harris, Ride Your Pony
Willie West, Fairchild
Sonny Jones, Sissy Walk
Smokie Johnson & Co., The Funkie Moon (instrumental)

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